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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center


Shared Resources 

Our Shared Resources

Meeting the needs of the scientific community

The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Shared Resources provides the UC Davis research community with the expertise and equipment necessary to conduct cutting-edge scientific research.

In cooperation with other units at UC Davis, the Cancer Center supports a variety of shared resources in:

Animal Imaging

Animal Imagingarrow

Biorepository arrow

Clinical Trials Support Unit

Clinical Trials Support Unitarrow
Combinatorial Chemistry

Combinatorial Chemistryarrow

Epidemiology arrow
Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry arrow

Molecular Pharmacology

Molecular Pharmacologyarrow
Mouse Biology

Mouse Biologyarrow

Through special funding arrangements, Cancer Center members receive subsidies for and/or priority access to utilization of these resources. With respect to the Cancer Center, these resources are primarily intended to facilitate peer-reviewed, funded cancer research. By prior arrangement, junior faculty who are utilizing start-up packages or intramural support may be eligible for subsidized access. New shared resources with a demonstrated utility for cancer research are developed as is appropriate.