Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine at UC Davis. The Department comprises a dynamic group of faculty, researchers and students from diverse backgrounds undertaking investigations to reveal biological mechanisms that will ultimately lead to discovery and development of new drugs and drug targets for a variety of human diseases.

Under the direction of Chairman Donald Bers, Ph.D., the Department is part of the basic biomedical sciences in the School of Medicine. The Department and its Faculty has strong connections with other Departments, Graduate Groups and Research Centers constituting a powerful interactive team engaged in research, teaching and service. UC Davis Pharmacology is one of the nation's top ranked pharmacology departments in federal research funding and hosts many postdoctoral trainees and graduate students from different Graduate Groups.

Key research areas within the Department include cardiovascular and neural physiology/pharmacology, genetic basis of disease, synaptic plasticity and development, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases. These diverse areas of study are unified by a common goal - to understand mechanistically the critical building blocks of biological systems from molecules to cells and organ systems, in health and disease, and to identify components that can be modified through pharmacology or other therapeutic strategies to cure disease. Please visit our Research Overview page and Faculty Research pages for details of ongoing work in the individual Departmental laboratories.


Professor Xiang and colleagues research possible drug targets for heart failure in diabetics, latest results illuminates how insulin harms the heart

Yang K. Xiang, Ph.D. Congratulations and thank you to Professor Xiang and his lab members for their latest findings! Their research results are featured online at UC Davis Health - How insulin harms the heart.

Professor Clancy appointed as Associate vice chancellor for academic personnel for schools of Human Health Sciences

Colleen E. Clancy, Ph.D. Congratulations to Professor Colleen Clancy! She has been appointed to a 5 year term as the associate vice chancellor for academic personnel for schools of Human Health Sciences.

Dr. Manuel F. Navedo selected to VCMB Study Section

Manuel F. Navedo, Ph.D. We are proud to announce that Associate Professor Manuel F. Navedo was selected as a permanent member of the Vascular, Cellular and Molecular Biology (VCMB) Study Section in the Center for Scientific Review. Congratulations to Dr. Navedo for this honor!

Professor Bers awarded 2016 Peter Harris Distinguished Scientist Award

Donald M. Bers, Ph.D. We are proud to announce that Professor Donald Bers was awarded the 2016 Peter Harris Distinguished Scientist Award of the International Society for Heart Research (ISHR)! To learn more about this organization, go to: www.ishrworld.org

F1000 Faculty Member of the Year Award 2015 for the Neuroscience Faculty

Johannes Hell, Ph.D. Professor Johannes Hell has received the F1000 Faculty Member of the Year Award for 2015 for Neuroscience Faculty. This is the third year in a row that he’s received this award. Congratulations to Dr. Hell for this honor!