Create a plan to manage your pain

Download the Self-Management Action Plan PDF. Use this form to hand write your responses.

You may use one plan for each strategy on the wheel.



Steps for your reference

  • One way I want to better manage my health is (examples: walk, stretch, do a relaxation exercise, take medications as prescribed): ____________________
  • I will focus on this for the next _______ (# days, weeks).
  • When I will do it (examples: every day after work, Mon/Wed/Fri mornings): ____________________
  • Where I will do it (examples: at the gym, in my neighborhood, at physical therapy): ____________________
  • What might get in the way of following through (examples: I may have other things to do, it might rain): ____________________
  • What I will do about it (examples: pick another day, go to the gym, get rain gear): ____________________

If I rated my chance for success less than 80% on the chart below, what improvements can I make to my plan to increase my rating? ________________________________________________________________________________________

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