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Office of the Vice Chancellor

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Practice Management Group

The Practice Management Group represents all organized medical group practices of the health system's primary and specialty care faculty physicians. The group's purpose is to serve UC Davis Health System's missions through the delivery of high quality, cost effective care. By delegation from the office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the School of Medicine, the Practice Management Group has shared responsibility for the clinical operations of the health system's professional practice activities.

The formation of the Practice Management Group is an important step in formalizing the leadership of the health system's medical group practices and in refining the role of its group practice in achieving the health system's goals in the areas of research, teaching, patient care and community engagement. Its primary goal is to maintain a clinical practice that distinguishes UC Davis Health System as a leading faculty and academic health center.

Specific goals of the Practice Management Group include:

  • Increasing efficiency of practice and revenue,
  • Decreasing practice expenses,
  • Reducing silos and improving integration,
  • Identifying areas to increase quality, and
  • Aligning incentives.

James Goodnight is the executive director of the Practice Management Group, designing its structure, rules, scope of responsibility, funding needs and medical practice goals. Working closely with the Practice Management Board and executive health system and physician leaders, Goodnight is responsible for providing oversight of faculty practice operations as well as the overall vision and strategic direction of the Practice Management Group and its day-to-day activities. Goodnight will be collaborating with the leadership of the School of Medicine and medical center to set and achieve joint strategic goals across UC Davis Health System.