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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center


Director: Jeffrey P. Gregg, M.D. 

Video: Jeffrey Gregg, director of the Genomics Shared Resource at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center,
describes the vast capabilities of the resource to assist investigators in clinical and basic cancer research.

The Genomics Shared Resource (GSR) is a core facility providing next-generation sequencing, microarray  and general nucleic acid services at the UC Davis Health System and beyond.

The mission of the GSR is to serve the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center by providing centralized, cost-effective, and comprehensive expertise and service in the broad area of genomics research. This includes every level of genomics, ranging from standard mRNA and miRNA expression profiling up through the analysis of cancer genomes with single-base resolution. We also specialize in helping investigators develop, implement, and troubleshoot custom and novel genomics applications. In addition, we provide extensive data analysis and integrative bioinformatics support as well as a variety of educational opportunities. Taken together, the GSR offers a complete solution for integrative and functional molecular profiling.


This resource is funded by the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) awarded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI P30CA093373). Publications that have utilized facility resources, services or scientific data generated by the resource should acknowledge the resource or the assistance provided by resource staff and cite the NCI CCSG grant. Moreover, to comply with NIH Public Access Policy, you must ensure that the manuscript is deposited in PubMedCentral. An electronic copy of the publication should also be sent to the resource directors.

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Genomics shared resource staff © UC Regents
The Genomics Shared Resource Staff (counter-clockwise from left front):  Dr. Jeffrey Gregg, Dr. Clifford Tepper, Ryan Davis, Stephenie Liu

We have been in operation as a core facility since 2001, and our focus is to serve the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. We also cater to the UC Davis MIND Institute and the University of California research community, as well as other academic, government and industry investigators. Each member of the GSR team contributes a complement of unique backgrounds and skills that synergize to provide comprehensive genomic analysis solutions.

Jeffrey P. Gregg, M.D. (Director)
Dr. Gregg is an Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, director of the UC Davis Health System Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, and Senior Director of Clinical Pathology. He founded the GSR in 2001 and brings to the Resource a sustained record of research experience and scientific leadership, as well as the expertise and vision of a pioneer in genomics technology. In addition, his clinical experience with the application of molecular and genomics technologies for clinical diagnostics give him particular insight into the translational capabilities of these technologies. Dr. Gregg is available by appointment for consultation.
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Clifford Tepper, Ph.D. (Technical Director)  
Dr. Tepper is a Research Biochemist in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine and has served as the technical director of the GSR since 2002. He is a molecular and cellular biologist with extensive cancer research experience in signal transduction pathways, especially related to apoptosis, kinases and hormone receptors. At the GSR, he has been responsible for assisting clients with experimental design and execution, primary/secondary data analysis, bioinformatics, as well as developing novel scientific and bioinformatic methodologies. His role as technical director has synergized extremely well with his research program and has afforded him the opportunity to actively engage in the research programs of many investigators. Dr. Tepper runs the day-to-day scientific operations of the GSR and is available by appointment for consultation.
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Ryan Davis, B.S. (Genomics Specialist) 
Mr. Davis has been a key member of the GSR since 2002 and was asked to assume the role of lead technician at the GSR in 2004. Over the years, Mr. Davis has become one of the leading experts in genomics technologies in Northern California and is well respected by senior consultants, field application scientists and regional representatives from Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina, and BioDiscovery. Mr. Davis also has extensive knowledge of computing and is highly skilled in the analysis of complex datasets. He is responsible for maintaining the GSR’s computer network, Linux-based computer cluster, and secure FTP server. Mr. Davis performs the majority of the laboratory services and is available by appointment for technical and logistical consultation.
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Stephenie Liu, B.A. (Manager) 
Ms. Liu has served as the GSR administrator since 2001. She has considerable experience in the genomics field, having worked with DNA sequencing and microarrays since 1996. Ms. Liu provides administrative support for interactions with Cancer Center administration, purchasing, billing, cost analysis, website supervision, grants and publication support, and development of educational seminars. In addition, she has been fully trained by applications scientists on the Affymetrix microarray and Illumina NGS platforms and assists in sample and array processing (e.g., target preparation, fluidics, scanning), as needed. Ms. Liu is available to help clients with any administrative or billing needs, and can also help to schedule consultation appointments.
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Sample submission instructions

Submit a request:

  1. Download the appropriate service request form.
  2. Complete all required fields electronically.
  3. Email the completed form as an attachment to
  4. Our lab will follow up with you by email regarding your request.

If you need assistance, please contact the Genomics Shared Resource at 916-703-0366.


In order to help the Genomics Shared Resource run smoothly and efficiently, each user has specific and imperative responsibilities.

By submitting samples to the Genomics Shared Resource, the PI and all researchers involved are agreeing to the following:

  • The samples submitted to the GSR may or may not be available for return to the user once the sample processing has begun. The samples may be completely consumed by the process, or may be discarded after a time.
  • The user must cite the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Genomics Shared Resource (NCI P30 CA93373) in the acknowledgements section of any published work (manuscript, poster, presentation, etc.) that uses data obtained through work done by the GSR. The user must also notify the GSR of any potential and actual publication(s) that use data obtained through work done by the GSR. This condition of use is vital for the success of the Genomics Shared Resource and of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center because of its role in helping to earn competitive renewal of the Cancer Center Support Grant and to retain NCI designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • The GSR reserves the right to use all data from hybridizations performed by the GSR for the purpose of assessing quality of data generated by our facility, and for the development of technical protocols and analysis tools. Details pertaining to the data, samples, and treatments will remain confidential and will not be used in a way to exploit the biological relevance of the user's experiment.
  • The GSR is not responsible for animal or human subjects assurances pertaining to the samples submitted. By submitting samples, the user assures the GSR that he/she has obtained all the appropriate animal subjects or human subjects protocol approvals for his/her study. Users will not submit samples to the GSR unless they have met all of the IRB requirements for animal or human studies.
Samples and Workflow
  • All efforts will be made to conserve excess sample material submitted by the client. Any unused sample will be available for return to the client via pick-up or shipment (client must provide a FedEx account number) along with the data. Any unused sample material is forfeited if not claimed within 30 days of work completion notification. The GSR reserves the right to use any unclaimed material for protocol testing and proof-of-principle experiments, although any such work will be masked with respect to the biological relevance of these samples.
  • In order to minimize turn-around times, we will do our best to stock a variety of supplies, reagents, and microarrays for the most commonly requested services. However, in the event that the GSR does not have some components in stock, we may need to inform you of an increase in lead-time for your request. In addition, to reduce overstock costs to our overall client community, we may request that the user provide their own reagents or supplies for more specialized requests.


Acknowledgement and Authorship
  • We ask that clients make sure to acknowledge the GSR as the genomics service provider in any manuscript, oral presentation, poster presentation or other published use of data generated by the GSR.
  • In addition to acknowledging the GSR as the genomics service provider, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center members who receive a discount on their service fees must cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (NCI P30 CA93373) in the acknowledgements section of any manuscript, oral presentation, poster presentation, or other published use of data generated by the GSR.
  • If a member of the GSR staff contributes significant intellectual input to a project, he or she should be included on the author line of any resulting publication. Intellectual input refers to written contribution to the manuscript, significant data analysis work or unique/extensive technical applications support.


Payment terms
  • Payment for services is due once the work is complete and data are provided to the client. In cases where payment is not made through UC Davis internal billing, an invoice will be sent to the client once samples are received in order to allow the client's institution to begin the payment process.
  • For large projects that span more than a month, the GSR may request monthly partial payment for the work that has been completed.

The Genomics Shared Resource is part of the UC Davis Health System in Sacramento, California.

To contact us:
Genomics Shared Resource
UC Davis Medical Center
4645 2nd Avenue
Research III, Room 3200D
Sacramento, CA  95817
Laboratory: 916-703-0366
Fax: 916-734-2698
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