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Campbell lead author on new multi-institutional, international study
Endocrine surgeon Michael Campbell, M.D. is lead author on new multi-institutional, international study was released this month. The study is looking at the risk factors of neck hematoma's after thyroidectomy. Dr. Campbell presented the original data at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons last year in Chicago. The publication, "A multi-institutional international study of risk factors for hematoma after thyroidectomy" can be view by clicking here.

The danger of sending patients home too soon after thyroid surgery [read]
Study calls into question the standard six-hour discharge.

Endocrine surgeon brings new expertise to UC Davis [read]
Michael Campbell recently joined UC Davis Health System as its first fellowship-trained endocrine surgeon. Campbell specializes in the evaluation and management of patients with thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pancreas disorders.

The Value of a Multidisciplinary Approach in Endocrine Surgery, Editorial [read]
Read Dr Campbell’s recent editorial published in the World Journal of Endocrine Surgery on the value of multidisciplinary care for patients with thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal disorders.

Dr. Campbell to present his work on the risk of undiagnosed thyroid cancer in patients with multinodular goiters.
Dr. Campbell will present his new manuscript on the risk of undiagnosed thyroid cancer in patients with cervical multinodular goiters at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Surgical Association in Dana Point, California. The study, which was done in conjunction with UCSF, found an increased risk of thyroid cancer in patients with mulinodular goiters, even after a benign biopsy. This risk was increased in male patients and in patients whose biopsy was not reviewed by a cytopathologist with experience in thyroid biopsies. The article will be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) – Surgery.

Dr Campbell authors a new book chapter on minimally invasive and remote access thyroid and parathyroid surgery.
Dr. Campbell’s new book chapter on minimally invasive and remote access thyroid and parathyroid surgery will be released in November 2013 as part of the textbook Minimally Invasive and Robotic Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery.  This book edited, by Dr. David Terris, of the Georgia Regents University, focuses on updating surgeons on the evolving strategies of thyroid and parathyroid surgery. This textbook is written by experts in the field and describes the techniques of minimally invasive and robotic thyroid and parathyroid surgery.