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Department of Neurology

Department of Neurology

Administrative Team Directory

The Department of Neurology administrative staff offices are located in the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center in Sacramento and on the UC Davis campus. Staff members are responsible for day-to-day administration of departmental programs and services as well as implementing policies and procedures set forth by the university, medical staff, and department in conjunction with state and national provisions. Our administrative staff brings a wide range of backgrounds, unique skills, and many years of experience to their positions, allowing them to provide faculty and staff alike with high quality support.

Chief Administrative Officer

Stacy Miller, M.P.H., 916-734-6448

Assistant to the Chair and CAO

Tasha Schrock, 916-734-6284 - Executive Assistant

  • Assistant to Fredric A. Gorin, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Neurology
  • Faculty away coordinator
  • Medical staff credentialing and billing coordinator

Finance & Operations

Joe MacDonald, 916-734-6780 - Finance & Operations Manager

  • Supervision of finance & payroll team
  • Adminstrator basic science laboratiories and clinical research programs

Michelle Harris, 916-734-6449 - Payroll & Finance Assistant

  • All payroll actions for the department
  • Staff HR
  • Financial transactions

Holly Cagle, 916-734-6274 - Purchasing Assistant

  • All departmental purchasing
  • Primary myTravel delegate and resource
  • Kronos timekeeper

Kelly Wallace, 916-734-6660 - Clinical Research Coordinator, Regulatory Specialist

  • IRB liaison for all principal investigators and programs
  • Processes all IRB actions and modifications
  • Clinical trials database management

Educational Programs

Lori Simperman, 916-734-3514 - Educational Programs Manager

  • Supervision of education administrative team
  • Residency program manager
  • Fellowship program manager

Karla Lindstrom, 916-734-6282 - Educational Programs Assistant

  • Clerkship coordinator
  • Physician faculty scheduling coordinator
  • E*Value coordinator
  • DBS program assistant

David Swadell, 916-734-6446 - Program Assistant

  • Assistant to Vicki Wheelock, M.D., Residency Program Director
  • CIRM research program assistant
  • TeleNeurology program assistant
  • Neurology WWW coordinator

Academic Personnel and General Administration

Brian Darnell, 916-734-4778 - Academic Personnel Analyst

  • Visa actions for international scholars and faculty
  • Non-faculty academic appointments and merit/promotions
  • Faculty payroll (backup role)

Jennifer Aten, 916-703-5514 - Recruitment Assistant

  • Faculty recruitment coordinator
  • Staff recruitment assistant
  • Special event planning and communications

Shelly Allocco, 916-734-6279 - Administrative Assistant

  • Assistant to Charles DeCarli, M.D., Alzheimer’s Disease Center Director
  • Managing editor, Alzheimer’s Disease and Associate Disorders journal
  • California AD Coordinating Center assistant
  • Kronos timekeeper

Jayne LaGrande, 916-734-5728 - Alzheimer’s Disease Center Administrator

  • Manages all programs and sites related to the ADC