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Nursing Professional Practice Model


Nursing Professional Practice Model Environment of Care Relationship-Based Care Relationship-Based Care Relationship-Based Care Structures Processes Optimal Patient Outcomes

Each tier can be opened by clicking on the appropriate section. A larger view of the Professional Practice Model is available by clicking here. 

Nurses at UC Davis Health System were invited to discussion groups asking about their view of the professional practice of nursing, the results were used to discover and develop our Nursing Professional Practice Model. This model reflects our ideas of a caring environment for our patients and ourselves. It encompasses our foundation of caring, the structures that enhance and encourage us to be the best we can be to give care that we ourselves would want to receive, and the processes by which that care is delivered. The model emphasizes the professional development of each nurse through lifelong learning, mentoring and role modeling.

This model reflects our philosophy, values and mission statements of trying to give the best care available through collaboration, providing science-based, technologically precise, compassionately delivered nursing care. The model also reflects the relationships built between nurse and patient/family and the inherent desire to give extraordinary care.   

The Professional Practice Model at UC Davis Health System is depicted by a pyramid in which the apex represents the patients and families we care for and who are the reason for everything we do. Enveloping the model are two concepts central to the professional practice of nursing at UC Davis; an Environment of Care and Relationship Based Care. Within those concepts are the structures and processes that guide us. The structures include our core values, the science & knowledge base of our practice, resources, and the expectation that we respect all others. Building on this are the processes of care which are patient centered and describe how optimal patient outcomes and the provision of high quality, safe care are achieved. Processes of care include Leadership, Caring Practices, Clinical Expertise, and Collaboration.