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A Message from Carol Robinson

UC Davis Health System nurses have a vision, which is to provide the highest quality of patient care through the advancement of the professional nursing practice. We believe that we demonstrate extraordinary compassion, courage and integrity in every situation. The professional practice of nursing model that our professional development council has developed provides a structure and a process that will enhance and sustain a culture of excellence in patient care.  

Photo of UC Davis nurses

UC Davis nurses emphasize relationship-based care.

Creating a culture of excellence does not happen overnight. The work environment and leadership must support the nurse and empower the nurse to be able to make the necessary changes that result in optimal patient outcomes. Empowered nurses must establish respectful, caring relationships with patients, families and colleagues to promote health, healing and collaboration. The two concepts central to the professional practice of nursing are environment of care and relationship-based care.

We have been practicing primary nursing and emphasizing relationship-based care for many years. This is important to our patients because this means that we have a therapeutic presence with each patient and family. This model of care helps us remember in our daily practice that each person is unique and that we place the patient and family at the center of our work.

To create the appropriate environment of care, we created unit-based practice councils. These councils have been demonstrating the amazing outcomes that can be realized when nurses meet to collaborate, inform, communicate, make decisions about clinical work and measure the results of changes. Our infection rates for catheter-associated urinary tract infection, central line-associated blood stream infection, falls and pressure ulcers have been greatly reduced and our indicators are well below the national benchmarks.

While our work continues, we are now in a position to recognize and celebrate our successes during Nurse Recognition Week.  We have been collecting many amazing and inspiring stories of extraordinary care and will share these during our celebration on May 9.

In addition, the nurses at UC Davis Health System are once again seeking designation as a magnet nursing center of excellence by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as recognition for extraordinary patient care and extraordinary professional practice. Official recognition will be realized when the ANCC awards Magnet designation to UC Davis Health System. 


Carol Robinson, R.N., M.P.A., N.E.A.-BC, F.A.A.N.
Chief Patient Care Services Officer