In the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists have a collegial relationship based on mutual respect. The relationship encompasses shared knowledge, academic passion, and quality patient care in a stimulating health care environment. Nurse anesthetists are appreciated for the consistently high quality of anesthesia they administer as well as the depth of medical knowledge and experience they bring to the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. The CRNA staff forms an integral part of the anesthesia care team at the UC Davis Medical Center.

We are a clinical training site for the Samuel Merritt College nurse anesthetist program and the U.S. Air Force nurse anesthetist program from David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base. At the UC Davis Medical Center, students work closely with attendings, senior CRNA staff and senior residents. Our institution provides them with a valuable training experience that can only be gained at an academic Level One trauma center.  SRNAs leave their rotation having received a quality and well rounded experience.




 Sharyn Babbitt



Sharyn Babbitt, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt University

Kimberly Beres, M.H.S.
Texas Wesleyan University

Kelly Bias, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt University



Catherine Estremera 

Ethan Ehrlich, M.S.N.
Florida International Univ.

Ethan Eller, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt Univ.

Catherine Estremera, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt University

 Derek Evans

 Julie Facer


 Adam Farber

Derek Evans, M.S.N.
Northeastern University

Julie Facer, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt University

Adam Farber, M.S.N.
University of Southern California


Nick Gabriel



Nicholas Gabriel, M.S.N.. Ph.D.
Univ of Texas Health Sci Ctr 

Thomas Goodnow, M.S.N.
Univ of Southern Calif

Yvette Goularte, M.S.N.
Midwestern University 





James Heard, M.S.N.
Florida International Univ.

Jennifer Jenkins, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt University 

Erik Mikkelsen, M.S.N.
Barry University



David Rose

Rebecca Orlino, M.S.N.
Duke University

Tricia Ouchi, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt University

David Rose, MAEd, Ph.D.
Gonzaga University






Leslie Rubin 

Melanie Rowe, M.S.N.
Westminster College

David Rowen, M.S.N.A, Chief
Medical College of Virginia

Leslie Rubin, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt University







Steven Salvemini, M.S.N.
Univ of Southern Calif

Gary Stock, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt Univ. 

Hil Tantoco, M.S.N.
Univ of Southern Calif



Mang Vang, CRNA

Carlos Vasquez

Michael Thompson, M.S.N.
Univ of Texas Health Ctr 
 Mang Vang, M.S.N.
Georgetown University
Carlos Vasquez, M.S.N.
Northeastern University 

Chris Walters, M.S.N.
Samuel Merritt Univ. 
Craig Wilson, M.S.N.
California State Univ Long Beach