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Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

 Orbis International

ORBIS is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization dedicated to saving sight worldwide. ORBIS prevents and treats blindness through hands-on training, public health education, improved access to quality eye care, and partnerships with local health care organizations.  Dr. Peter Moore, Professor and Chair, was the first member of the department to accompany an ORBIS team.  Dr. Moore is part of the team flying to Trujillo, Peru, September 6-13, 2014.  He is flying on the ORBIS plane, along with Drs. Mark Mannis, James, Brandt, Dan Ramos, Susanna Park, Jennifer DeNiro, and Mazen Choulakian along with Carrie Muntz, a registered nurse. For updates follow the UC Davis Restoring Sight Worldwide blog.

On July 30, 2013, the Flying Eye Hospital (FEH) returned to Panama City, for a two-week comprehensive skills exchange program aimed at advanced subspecialty training in cornea, glaucoma, oculoplastics, anterior segment and pediatric ophthalmology. The program will introduce the International Council of Ophthalmology Residency Education Training Program to the Panama National Ophthalmology Society.

In 1982, the FEH landed their DC-8 in Panama City to conduct its first training program.  By building long-term capabilities, Orbis helps its partner institutions take action to reach a state where they can provide, on their own, quality eye care services that are affordable, accessible, and sustainable. To learn more about Orbis, please visit:


Rotaplast International

Our department has a long Dr. Amini - Rotaplasthistory of mission outreach. From our partnership with Rotaplast International to Orbis International, many faculty, residents, and crna's have made trips to almost every country.

Departmental faculty, residents and CRNA’s are continuing their volunteer activities with Rotaplast, International.  Rotaplast International, founded in 1992, is a humanitarian organization as a world community service project of the Rotary Club of San Francisco by Dr. Angelo Capozzi and Peter Lagarias. Rotaplast is committed to changing lives through reconstructive surgery and has performed 15,000 surgeries in countries around the world.  The past 24 months have seen departmental members traveling to Nanjing China; Cumana, Venezuela;  Baruisimento, Venezula; Shijigzahuang, China;  Nagamanagalo, India; Aracaju, Brazil, and most recently, Dr. Amir Amini traveled to Guatamela City in March 2014.   To learn more about Rotaplast, click here