Our Administrative Team

Michelle Chang
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 916-734-0527
Email: msychang@ucdavis.edu

Mireya Montelongo
Residency Program Coordinator
Supports: Dr. Andreassi, Dr. Gould, Dr. Low, Dr. Rothschild, Dr. Canvasser and Paula Wagner
Phone: 916-734-2893
Email: mmontelongo@ucdavis.edu

Rieko Ringo
Operational and Research Administrator
Phone: 916-734-8138
Email: ruringo@ucdavis.edu

Shannon Untalasco
Academic Personnel Coordinator
Supports: Dr. Kurzrock, Dr. Yang, Dr. Yap and Dr. Clavijo
Phone: 916-734-4561
Email: suntalasco@ucdavis.edu

Nang Xiong
Supports: Dr. Evans, Dr. Dall'Era and Dr. Lurvey
Phone: 916-734-5154
Email: naxiong@ucdavis.edu

Clinical Research Coordinator