The Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at the UC Davis Medical Center provides comprehensive services to patients residing in the Northern California region extending from southern Oregon south to Fresno, east to Nevada and west to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our team of skilled doctorsresidents and staff  service the Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) clinic which has more than 20,000 patient visits per year. Located near downtown Sacramento, the otolaryngology clinic is easily accessible from Interstates 80, 50 and 5.

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Voice transplant surgery 2016 update

There’s no singin’ the blues for Brenda Jensen these days, and it’s been that way for the past five years. UC Davis Medical Center’s historic larynx transplant patient returned to Sacramento recently, praising her care as she checked in for a periodic appointment with Peter Belafsky, a voice and swallowing specialist and one of her transplant surgeons from the UC Davis Department of Otolaryngology.

“To get a new voice, that’s not very common,” said Jensen, who, before her transplant in October of 2010, spent more than a decade using an electronic voice device to communicate with people. “I was very fortunate, very lucky and very blessed.”

Extraordinary larynx transplant restores voice, sense of taste, smell to California woman

World's second documented voicebox transplant

January 20, 2011

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — In one of the most complex transplant surgeries ever performed, an international team of surgeons at UC Davis Medical Center has restored the voice of a California woman who had been unable to speak for more than a decade.

The surgical team announced today that they replaced the larynx (voicebox), thyroid gland and trachea (windpipe) in a 52-year-old Modesto, California, woman who had lost her ability to speak and breathe on her own. The 18-hour operation, which took place over a two-day period in October 2010, is only the second documented case of its kind in the world. Just 13 days after the operation, the patient voiced her first words in 11 years and is now able to speak easily and at length.

On Jan. 20, when she meets in Sacramento with her entire surgical team for the first time since the transplant, patient Brenda Charett Jensen will be able to speak for herself about the remarkable surgery and what it has meant to her, and to her family and friends. (read more...)