Submission Guidelines


The scope of the UC Davis Health Student Review includes a diverse array of topics that all fall within the sphere of healthcare including: clinical medicine, public health, basic science, technological development, public policy, medical education, bioethics, and other related fields. This scope is broad by intention with the hope of wholly and opportunely capturing the unique perspective that UC Davis faculty and students can bring to the arena of academic scholarship.

Publication Timeline:

The UC Davis Health Student Review will accept and publish manuscripts year round as stand alone articles. Accepted articles will then also be published as part of a volume at the end of each year. 

Types of Articles:

Original Research
Case Reports  
Policy Analysis

Other types of submissions may also be considered. If you have a unique project in mind, please contact the Editors before drafting your manuscript.

Instructions for Authors:

Please include the following in your submission:

  1. Title Page: A cover page with the title of the manuscript; names, affiliations, and contact information for all listed authors; word count; disclaimers / conflicts of interest;  and a brief synopsis of 50 words or less that provides a summary of the piece.
  2. Body: Although there is no formal word count, preference will be given to pieces that are concise and effective in their writing. Recommendations regarding length will be based on the type of article and the subject matter.
  3. References: All references should be included as endnotes numbered by the order in which they appear.
  4. Reviewer Suggestions: To aid us in recruiting reviewers, please list three faculty members who would be qualified to serve as reviewers of your submission.

Publication Requirements:

For the purposes of publication, the following requirements must be observed. All articles that are submitted will be assumed to be in accordance with the following policies. Any article found to violate these policies may be rejected or later retracted:

  1. All submissions must not have been previously published or be concurrently submitted to another journal for consideration.
  2. The general policies and recommendations set forth by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE - should be observed unless otherwise noted. In particular, all contributing authors should be fairly and appropriately recognized.
  3. Authors may include undergraduate students, graduate students, professional students, resident physicians, staff scientists, faculty members, or other contributors.
  4. The manuscript should be approved by all listed authors and must be the sole work of the authors. All work should be held to the highest standard of academic integrity and all appropriate citations should be appropriately made.
  5. In the course of collecting and reporting data, all relevant HIPAA regulations should be appropriately observed. In cases that IRB approval is warranted, approval should be obtained and shared at the time of submission.
  6. Author must work with faculty reviewers and student editors to incorporate recommendations, provide any additional documentation, explore advised changes, and meet all deadlines set during the submission process.


All submissions must be made in .DOC format. Documents submitted as PDFs or in other formats will result in delays and possible rejections. Please submit manuscripts electronically to: