Each department determines whether they will be able to accommodate visiting students and what criteria will be used to accept students into an externship. You may be asked to provide additional information such as: transcripts, USMLE Step 1 scores, a current CV, etc. Visiting students may take up to 8 weeks of electives at UC Davis School of Medicine. 

Application Process
Students should visit the AAMC’s  Visiting Student Application Service, and complete an application as their first step. Students will be contacted by the Department they have applied to should more information be needed. (Transcripts, USMLE Step 1 scores, CV, etc.)

Processing Fees:  Visiting medical students pay $300 per elective.  For more information, please visit Sitepay.

The Office of Student and Resident Diversity offers financial assistance to qualified individuals. 
Application: Office of Student and Resident Diversity Scholarship Program (PDF)