Welcome to the UC Davis Health Student Review.  As Co-Editors-in-Chief, we are proud to introduce UC Davis students, faculty, and staff to UC Davis students’ first ever health publication.  As a journal for students by students, we hope to provide tomorrow’s healthcare leaders with an opportunity to develop the skills they need today while following in the tradition of research and clinical excellence that UC Davis has developed over the last century.

In recognizing the importance of coupling classroom learning and clinical experience with academic pursuit and research training, we hope that the UC Davis Health Student Review will provide a medium for students from across the university to present data, share experiences, and develop their talent as writers, researchers, and editors. In addition, we hope that this publication will provide the infrastructure to foster relationships and mentorship between undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and faculty. It is in nurturing these relationships that we see an opportunity to not only grow as individuals but to truly grow as a UC Davis family. 

We have ambitious plans for the UC Davis Health Student Review, and plan to expand its reach to all health-related departments and schools in the university. We envision this publication as serving a crucial role in developing healthcare leaders at UC Davis. We hope that you will join us.

Please visit us at: healthstudentreview.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu


John Paul J. Aboubechara


Hammad Khan, M.P.H.