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Trauma Prevention and Outreach

Trauma Prevention and Outreach

Stepping On

Building confidence and reducing falls

Falls are the most common cause of injury among older men and women. Fear of falling again can prevent many older adults from continuing to live independently. The Stepping On program helps older adults remain independent and reduce their chances of falling again.

Did you know?

Older couple

  • Falls are the leading cause of injury death among older adults.
  • Over 95% of hip fractures in older adults are caused by falls.
  • One out of three adults age 65 and older falls each year, but less than half talk to their healthcare provider about it.

What is Stepping On?

Stepping On is a program that has been been researched and proven to reduce falls in older adults. The program is a workshop that meets for two hours a week for seven weeks.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • 65 years or older
  • Able to walk without assistance
  • Has fallen in the last year
  • Fearful of falling
  • Living independently at home

What you will learn

  • Simple, fun ways to improve balance and strength
  • The role vision plays in keeping your balance
  • How medication can contribute to falls
  • What to look for in safe footwear
  • How to check your home for safety


Space is limited. For more information about future workshops, contact:
The Trauma Prevention Program
(916) 734-9794

About the Stepping On program

Stepping On was developed in Australia and tested in a randomized trial where it demonstrated a 31% reduction in falls. Wisconsin developed an American version of Stepping On with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that has been tested in the United States and shown to achieve results similar to the original.