Research Interests

Research interests in the department include:

Our research programs are funded by many sources, including:

The Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy is based in Tupper Hall on the Davis campus, but our members have laboratories in Davis and on the Sacramento campus. Visit our resources and facilities page for more information on research laboratories and facilities.

Stem Cell Biology

Several researchers in the Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy study stem cells. Studies include:

Developmental and Reproductive Biology

A number of scientists study developmental and reproductive biology. Projects include:

  • Molecular mechanisms of neural development (Qizhi Gong, Sergi Simó)
  • Molecular mechanisms underling sperm-egg interactions
  • Implantation and placentation (Tom Blankenship)
  • The roles of cell-matrix interactions during vertebrate development (Richard Tucker)

Cell Biology

Cell biology research includes: 


Neurobiology research includes: 

  • The development of the olfactory system (Qizhi Gong)
  • The development of the visual system and the neural crest (Richard Tucker)
  • The development of neurons from induced pluripotent stem cells (Jan Nolta)
  • Study of neuron migrations in the developing nervous system (Sergi Simó)

Vision Science

Vision Science research includes: