Luis G Carvajal Carmona, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
451 Health Sciences Drive
Davis Campus
Ph: 530-752-9654

Our research group, based at the UC Davis Genome Center, is interested in the genetic susceptibility of cancer. We use classic and modern mapping approaches to identify cancer susceptibility genes in human populations and in multi-case cancer families. We are also interested in investigating somatic genetic pathways in common cancer types and have a particular interest in investigating how germline variants affect somatic changes. We have a number of studies that focus on the genetics and epidemiology of cancer in Hispanic populations and have long standing collaborations with researchers in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. At UC Davis, we are members of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, where we collaborate with several basic scientist and clinicians in a number of studies that investigate on cancer genetics/genomics and pharmacogenetics in the populations from the California Central Valley. For more details on our research, please visit our research group website (

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  • (2013) V Foundation Scholar
  • (2011) Semi-finalist. Trainee Research Award, American Society for Human Genetics for abstract submission to the 12th International Congress of Human Genetics. Montreal, Canada
  • (2009) Winner of the Divisional Research Prize. Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford.
  • (2009) Finalist. Neel Award for Young Investigators. International Genetic Epidemiology Society.
  • (2008) Winner of the European Association for Cancer Research 40th Anniversary Research Award.
  • (2004) Research Fellowship. London Research Institute, United Kingdom
  • GSK Oncology
  • V Foundation