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Photograph of listeria © iStockphoto

What is listeria?

With the recent outbreak of listeria from certain Blue Bell brand ice cream products and possible contamination in Sabra hummus, the average consumer might be wondering what exactly listeria is, who is at risk and how to prevent a listeria infection. READ MOREarrow

Teen using e-cigarette © iStockphoto

The dangers of e-cigs outweigh the benefits

Research has not kept pace with the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, making it difficult for physicians to provide guidance about their safety. READ MOREarrow

Yael Saavedra © UC Regents

From Peru to UC Davis

Growing up in Lima, Peru, Yael Saavedra recognized her passion to care for the underserved and her drive to achieve a rewarding profession within the health care community. READ MOREarrow

Dr. David Copenhaver © UC Regents

Relieving pain, reviving spirits

Battling late-stage colon cancer was one thing, but the pain that accompanied it? That was almost impossible to endure. READ MOREarrow

Timmy Brown © UC Regents

Ready to run

When Rancho Cordova resident Timmy Brown was 2 ½ years old, his parents, Mark and Maryanne, suspected he had an inner ear infection after he had trouble walking normally. READ MOREarrow

Mark Friedman © UC Regents

Investing in our future

Sacramento business leader Mark Friedman is convinced UC Davis is a terrific investment. READ MOREarrow

Dr. McCloud with patient © UC Regents

The wisdom of age

Geriatrician Michael K. McCloud is the creator and course director of UC Davis’ acclaimed “Aging and Medical Science: A Mini Medical School to Prepare for Life’s Second Half.” READ MOREarrow

Match Day 2015

Match Day delivers the future for UC Davis physicians-in-training

In a large event tent filled with excitement and anticipation, about 100 UC Davis School of Medicine students learned where they will be going for the next stage in their medical careers. READ MOREarrow

Researcher Tony Simon © UC Regents

Generous gift to MIND Institute's 22Q program

For Jennifer and Paul Quilkey, giving to the MIND Institute’s chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome program was an easy choice to make. READ MOREarrow

Lung cancer surgery © UC Regents

UC Davis lung cancer surgery meets Twitter

UC Davis thoracic surgeon David Tom Cooke did what he has been trained to do on Thursday: successfully removed a cancerous tumor from a patient’s lung. READ MOREarrow