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Teddy with Dr. O'Hara during an exam © UC Regents

Five generations of congenital cataracts

Cataracts and cataract surgery are often thought to be a concern of an aging adult, not a newborn baby. READ MOREarrow


Be Safe In the Sun: May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

In California, where fun in the sun is a way of life, teens love to hang out at the beach or by the pool to beat the summer sizzle. READ MOREarrow

Photograph of medical student Angel Moran © UC Regents

Conquer Cancer Foundation selects UC Davis med student for award

When he was a teenager growing up in Watsonville, Calif., picking berries in the summer with his family, Angel Morán was simply helping to supplement his family’s income, unaware that he was exposing himself to cancer risks in the process. READ MOREarrow


Celebrating nurses and the future of nursing

At 3 million strong, nurses represent the largest segment of health care professionals and, polls show, are the most trusted providers of care. National Nurses Week, conducted annually from May 6-12, recognizes the contributions of these dedicated professionals and highlights the evolution of the profession. READ MOREarrow


Community donates to children's hospital

Over the years, community members have given back to UC Davis Children’s Hospital, with countless donations from hand knit baby hats to blankets, dolls to new toys. READ MOREarrow

Darrell Steinberg © UC Regents

A voice for change

World-class UC Davis research combined with adroit public policy can propel mental-health services in California and beyond forward by innovating and advocating evidence-based treatments that reduce untreated mental illness and its accompanying stigma. READ MOREarrow

Photograph of listeria © iStockphoto

What is listeria?

With the recent outbreak of listeria from certain Blue Bell brand ice cream products and possible contamination in Sabra hummus, the average consumer might be wondering what exactly listeria is, who is at risk and how to prevent a listeria infection. READ MOREarrow

Teen using e-cigarette © iStockphoto

The dangers of e-cigs outweigh the benefits

Research has not kept pace with the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, making it difficult for physicians to provide guidance about their safety. READ MOREarrow

Yael Saavedra © UC Regents

From Peru to UC Davis

Growing up in Lima, Peru, Yael Saavedra recognized her passion to care for the underserved and her drive to achieve a rewarding profession within the health care community. READ MOREarrow

Dr. David Copenhaver © UC Regents

Relieving pain, reviving spirits

Battling late-stage colon cancer was one thing, but the pain that accompanied it? That was almost impossible to endure. READ MOREarrow