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Neurosurgeons on the sidelines

UC Davis’ first home football game on Sept. 12 featured a newcomer on the sidelines: neurosurgeon Kia Shahlaie. READ MOREarrow

Autism specialist Sally Rogers

Spreading hope for autism

The MIND Institute is working to bring promising neurodevelopmental disorder therapies to children worldwide READ MOREarrow

Sign by a grassy field alerts pedestrians to watch out for rattlesnakes to prevent snake bites.

Six tips for preventing snake bites

UC Davis Health System toxicologists provide six tips on preventing snake bites. READ MOREarrow

Photo of hot weather in the city

High temperatures pose danger to kids, pets left in cars

With triple digit temperatures still in the Sacramento weather forecast, it’s important to remember that it is never safe for a child to be left alone in a car – even if the windows are rolled down. READ MOREarrow

Photograph of puppies Alfie and Charlie to be trained to sniff out cancer © UC Regents

Man’s best friend may also be his best weapon against cancer

Alfie, a labradoodle, and Charlie, a German shepherd, have taken up residence with two UC Davis physicians while undergoing a rigorous 12-month training program to develop their abilities to identify the scent of cancer in saliva, breath and urine. READ MOREarrow

Photograph of Dr. Uma Srivatsa, a UC Davis specialist in arrhythmia treatment

When to worry about AFib

Heart specialist Uma Srivatsa answers questions about a common type of arrhythmia known as atrial fibrillation, or AFib. READ MOREarrow

Photograph of UC Davis forensic psychiatrist Charles Scott at Napa State Hospital © UC Regents

Raising the bar

Charles Scott is chief of one of the top forensic psychiatry programs in the nation, the Division of Psychiatry and the Law at UC Davis, intensely focused on raising the bar in a profession where justice — and life — literally can hang in the balance. READ MOREarrow

Celia Truong © UC Regents

Celia’s story

Sacramento resident Celia Truong is a bright and bubbly 3-year-old girl, who is learning three languages and meeting all of her developmental milestones. READ MOREarrow

Photograph of Lynn and Keith Volkerts with a framed photo of Lynn’s late parents George and Lena Valente.

A shared sense of urgency about autism

In response to the growing prevalence of autism, health care systems and social services agencies have established a broad array of treatment and coping services for children and their families. READ MOREarrow

New medical student receives his stethoscope from Dr. Freischlag © UC Regents

On becoming a medical student

Monique Atwal grew up on a farm in the San Joaquin Valley town of Selma. In high school she joined a program called Doctor’s Academy, which is dedicated to encouraging a student’s interest in health professions, especially in the valley. READ MOREarrow