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Photograph of spinach and strawberry salad © iStockphoto

When celebrating with food, remember to offer healthy options

Spring is a time when families gather and celebrate, typically with lots of food. With so much fresh produce now available, it’s also a good time to celebrate healthy eating. READ MOREarrow

Photograph of Zoey and Angus, a therapy dog © UC Regents

Canines join the UC Davis cancer team

Four-year-old Zoey Vega was scared when she started chemotherapy last month for kidney cancer. But two Thursday visits with a furry friend seem to have eased her fears. READ MOREarrow


Celebrate autism awareness

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and the UC Davis MIND Institute is marking the health observance with a month-long series of events — including lectures, a community open house, film screening and a health fair — most of them free and open to the public. READ MOREarrow

Cadence Stamper, her brother and friend © UC Regents

Pediatric patient recovers from stroke

During her summer break last year, then-7-year-old Orangevale resident Cadence Stamper experienced something very few children ever do — a stroke. READ MOREarrow

Photograph of Amrit Sahota and Judith Kjelstrom

Sparking inspiration

Amrit Sahota, a graduate student in neurobiology, physiology and behavior, studied under Judith Kjelstrom, the director of the UC Davis Biotechnology Program and a lecturer in the College of Biological Sciences. READ MOREarrow

UD Davis donor Les Pue stands with UC Davis nurse practitioner Terry Tempkin

By her side

Les Pue knows all too well the devastating impacts Huntington’s disease can have on those afflicted and their families. READ MOREarrow

Dr. Tom Nesbitt and medical student Luis Gody © UC Regents

Nesbitt stewards the health system during leadership transition

For Tom Nesbitt, a graduate of the UC Davis School of Medicine, long-time family physician, educator, innovator and leader at UC Davis Health System, the people here are family. READ MOREarrow

Dr. Boutin reviewing images © UC Regents

The next step in MRI

A car accident left Cathy Wilson with a painful and annoying wrist injury. Active MRI, a new imaging technique developed at UC Davis that shows the wrist in motion, helped find answers to her problem. READ MOREarrow

Christopher Morales (right) with colleagues © UC Regents

Caring for communities

Christopher Morales wasn’t sure what to do with his life after high school, so he enlisted in the U.S. Army to “grow up and figure it out.” READ MOREarrow


Vitamin B-12 supplements in newborns

Vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) is an essential micronutrient that keeps the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy, helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells, and prevents anemia. READ MOREarrow