Patient referrals, transfers and phone consults with UC Davis

Patient referrals, transfers and phone consultations at UC Davis

Contact our Physician Referral and Transfer Center and choose one of the options below that best fits your request:

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Outpatient referrals

Urgent patient referrals:
Call 800-482-3284, press option #3

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Acute-care transfers

Direct admissions

Urgent pediatric telemedicine consultations

Call 800-482-3284, press option #1

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Physician-to-physician phone consultations

Call 800-482-3284, press option #2

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computer iconPhysicianConnect

To check on the status of an existing patient referral, use PhysicianConnect, a secure online tool for accessing patient medical records. Learn more

For technical support with existing PhysicianConnect accounts, please call 916-734-4357 (734-HELP) or visit our customer service page.

Specialty care in more than 150 fields

At UC Davis Health we're proud to offer referring physicians and their patients a truly comprehensive array of clinical services and educational resources, delivered by exceptional providers and grounded in the latest medical knowledge and research.

We place special focus on patient-centered care and on maintaining a respectful, culturally and linguistically sensitive health-care environment for our patients.