At the end of 2015, we launched a comprehensive and inclusive process to tap into the broad, diverse knowledge of our entire UC Davis Health community to stimulate new and unique ideas for our next strategic plan.

Throughout 2016, hundreds of members of our UC Davis Health family, as well as external friends and partners, took part in conversations and provided valuable input into charting a long-term course for our future that will continue the momentum underway to solidify our position as a top-tier health care organization.

With your valuable input and talents, I am excited to launch our six new strategic plan goals. Over the next few years, together we will:

  1. Lead Person-Centered Care in the best way, at the best time, in the best place, and with the best team
  2. Reimagine Education by cultivating diverse, transdisciplinary, life-long learners who will lead transformation in health care to advance well-being and equity for all
  3. Accelerate Innovative Research to improve lives and reduce the burden of disease through the discovery, implementation and dissemination of new knowledge
  4. Improve Population Health through the use of big data and precision health
  5. Transform Our Culture by engaging everyone with compassion and inclusion, by inspiring innovative ideas, and by empowering each other
  6. Promote Sustainability through shared goals, balanced priorities and investments in our workforce and in our community

At a time when our industry is experiencing some of the most formidable changes ever, these are bold aspirations that will anchor us and provide us with clarity of purpose and a path forward. I am fully confident that we will achieve great success knowing we have a solid plan and areas of focus to guide us.

I thank everyone who participated in the planning process for their great input and their dedication to our future success.

Julie A. Freischlag, M.D., FACS
Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences
Dean, School of Medicine

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Planning activities


In February 2016, nearly 70 leaders from across UC Davis Health and UC Davis convened to begin mapping a strategic plan for the future. This was a critical first step in envisioning our vision and goals.

February 2016 strategic planning retreat participants created a visual “mind map” of the emerging trends and issues that might have an impact on UC Davis Health over the life of the next strategic plan. Priority trends that were discussed included changing patient expectations and demands; provider accountability; globalization and other trends impacting our workforce and recruitment; and population demographics and health trends impacting research, education and patient care.

After creating a mind map, participants honed in on what the health system is doing to address the identified trends now, and what we wish we could do to address them.

Klea Bertakis, professor and chair of family and community medicine, adds her table's ideas to the entire group's summary of the conditions, trends and goals that could contribute to UC Davis Health’s future.