PI: Kee Kim, MD

A Multi-Center Study to Evaluate the Effect of Minimally Invasive Vs Open Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion on the Paraspinal Musculature Using High Resolution Structural and Quantitative MR Imaging . 

The objective of this study is to evaluate paraspinal muscle damage following posterolateral lumbar fusion with the minimally invasive Atavi System vs. traditional open surgery.  We will use high resolution structural and quantitative MR Imaging.  Quantitative T2 scores and edema scores of the multifidus muscle will be used as microstructural indicators of muscle damage. The MRI will be done at the Research Imaging Center.

Secondary study objectives include evaluating the relationship of T2 and edema scores to clinical outcome by the commonly used ODI.  Additionally, successful fusion, pain assessment using the Numeric Rating Scale (0-10), estimated blood loss, length of hospital stay, work disability (modified Prolo Economic Scale), patient satisfaction, and medication usage will be evaluated.