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Laser Vision Correction Services

Laser Vision Correction Services

Our team

When you choose UC Davis for vision correction, you can be assured you will receive the most technologically advanced treatment and the highest quality of care.


In addition to being experts at performing LASIK, Custom LASIK and other vision correction surgical techniques, our highly experienced, board-certified ophthalmologists are scientists in the UC Davis Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science. So, you can count on them to be well-versed in the field's latest discoveries and best treatment options. Advances which, in many cases, they helped to develop.

The Laser Vision Correction Physician team includes:

Your personal physician

A thorough eye examination and discussion with your UC Davis ophthalmologist will help you decide if laser vision correction is right for you. Should you elect surgery, you'll see the same physician throughout the process. From your first meeting through scheduling, surgery and follow-up visits, your UC Davis physician is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care.