Bonnie McCraken

Bonnie McCracken MSN, NP

Associate Director of Nurse Practitioners Practices

Manager Trauma, Acute Care Surgery and Ortho NPs



Bonnie McCracken received her FNP/PA certificate from University of California Davis NP/PA program in 1988.  She completed her masters of science in nursing degree from California State University in 2003.  Aside from the traditional rotations during her NP/PA program, Bonnie traveled to Jamaica, working in a Kingston clinic.  She also had her first introduction to the world of surgery when she completed a month rotation with the GI surgery service. 

After graduating with her NP degree, she worked in a private internal medicine practice until taking a position as a NP on the Trauma team in 1992.  At that time, a nurse practitioner practicing in a hospital setting was rare.  When Bonnie started, there were 4 NPs on the trauma service.  

Bonnie is known as the manager of the NPs on the Trauma and Acute Care Surgery service.  She has seen many changes throughout her 24 years on the service.  Throughout the years, NPs became integral in the care of the patients, expanding their talents from caring for patients on the ward and clinic, to patients in the emergency department and critical care.  Under her management, the number of NPs on trauma grew to 16.

In 2015, she became the first Associate Director of Nurse Practitioners.   In this role she is bringing great visibility to advanced practice in the institution.  She is involved in billing practices as well as compliance issues in order to build NP practice throughout the medical system.

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