Dear Colleagues,

I welcome all UC Davis Medical Staff, both faculty and residents, to this important site that emphasizes the importance of us all looking after our own health, in order that we may be able to properly look after our patients.

The Medical Staff Well-Being Committee is an important internal UC Davis Medical Center Committee that has two primary roles, as described in the Bylaws of the Medical Staff,  that are of significance for all Medical Staff.

The Committee acts in a non-punitive way in identifying, referring for treatment, and monitoring Medical Staff members who may be suffering from impairment resulting from drug or alcohol use or other disabling psychiatric or physical conditions that pose a threat to acceptable professional functioning and patient care.  The approach that we use is associated with a greater than 90 percent, 5 year success rate, of physicians maintaining their health, their capacity to work and their medical license. The Committee also takes the lead in educating the Medical Staff about issues related to impairment caused by drug or alcohol use and other disabling psychiatric or physical conditions.

All Medical Staff Well-Being Committee members are available by phone or email to assist any Medical Staff member in relation to either themselves, or their colleagues, in an entirely confidential manner, and are also willing to give Grand Rounds and other presentations on Physician Health as requested.

This website contains a large selection of wellness resources for Medical Staff that I encourage you to review, as well as a section on getting help. 

I believe that the Medical Staff Well-Being Committee is an important part of our commitment to helping all UC Davis Medical Staff remain fit and healthy, and to maintain a sensible lifestyle balance.

I look forward to seeing you at the gym or on the golf course!

My best wishes to you all,

Peter Yellowlees MBBS, MD
Chair, UC Davis Well-being Committee
Professor of Psychiatry, and Vice Chair for Faculty Development
President Elect, American Telemedicine Association
Department of Psychiatry, UC Davis
2230 Stockton Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95817
Office 916-734-8581