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UC Davis Dermatopathology Service

UC Davis Dermatopathology Service

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Call for report status, pick-up or supplies: 916-734-6373

Welcome to the UC Davis Dermatopathology Service

Accurate, timely diagnoses

The Dermatopathology Service at UC Davis Health System provides accurate, clinically relevant and timely diagnoses to referring dermatologists, pathologists and dermatopathologists throughout Northern California and beyond. We specialize in:

  • Original diagnosis
  • Expert second opinions
  • Direct immunofluorescence

Most reports are available within 24 hours (one working day). Second opinions and direct immunofluorescence reports are also available within 24 hours from time of receipt.

Academic expertise

Our dermatopathologists, trained in both dermatology and pathology, are board certified in their subspecialty. Each is jointly appointed in the Departments of Dermatology and Pathology at the UC Davis School of Medicine.

Home to one of Americas top-ranked medical schools and a highly regarded medical center, UC Davis is well-known for excellence both locally and nationally. We provide a distinctive brand of high-quality care, informed by the latest science and medical insights.

As a center for learning and academics, we take great pride in educating tomorrows health leaders. Submitted cases help train current and future medical students, dermatology and pathology resident physicians and fellows, as well as colleagues within and beyond the University.