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UC Davis Spine Center

UC Davis Spine Center

Current studies and clinical trials

The INSPIRE Study: InVivo Study of Probable Benefit of the Neuro-Spinal ScaffoldTM for Safety and Neurologic Recovery in Subjects With Complete Thoracic AIS A Spinal Cord Injury

Sponsor: InVivo Therapeutics
Lead investigator: Kee D. Kim, M.D.
Project description: Multi-center study investigating an implantable scaffold at the time of spinal stabilization. The scaffold is designed to provide structural support to injured spinal tissue and a supportive matrix for endogenous healing/repair processes following implantation within a spinal cord contusion, thereby preserving spinal tissue and increasing the chances for functional recovery. identifier: NCT02138110


Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of VX-210 in Subjects With Acute Traumatic Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

Sponsor: Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Lead investigator: Kee D. Kim, M.D.
Project description: Multi-center study looking at the efficacy and safety of VX-210 in subjects with acute traumatic cervical spinal cord Injury. Secondary objectives include the specific evaluation of the effects of VX-210 on neurological recovery and daily function after spinal cord injury. VX-210 is designed to inhibit a protein known as rho that blocks neural regeneration after injury. identifier: NCT0266984


Safety and Efficacy Study of Rexlemestrocel-L in Subjects With Chronic Discogenic Lumbar Back Pain (Mesoblast, Ltd.)

Sponsor: Mesoblast Ltd.
Lead investigator: Kee D. Kim, M.D.
Project description: Multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 3 study designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Mesoblast's rexlemestrocel-L alone or combined with hyaluronic acid in subjects with chronic discogenic lumbar back pain (> 6 months) associated with moderate degenerative disc disease. identifier: NCT0241273


Odontoid Fracture Study Treated With Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)

Sponsor: Orthodox Inc.
Lead investigator: Kee D. Kim, M.D.
Project description: The purpose of this study is to see if PEMF treatment will improve odontoid fracture healing, compared with standard conservative care, in subjects 50 years of age diagnosed with type II odontoid fractures. identifier: NCT02281994


For more information on clinical research projects at the UC Davis Spine Center, please call 916-734-3660.