As specialists in cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia, these doctors provide anesthesia and assist in the perioperative care of patients who are scheduled to undergo complex and, in some cases, potentially life threatening surgical procedures at the UC Davis Medical Center. Additionally, they are often requested to oversee cases where a patient with severe heart or vascular disease is scheduled for a non-cardiac surgery.

All five of our cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesiologists have achieved testamur status awarded by the National Board of Echocardiography. Testamur status is given to physicians who have passed an examination of special competence in perioperative transesophageal echocardiography, as administered by the National Board of Echocardiography.

Pediatric cardiac surgical cases are assigned to the pediatric anesthesiologists at the UC Davis Medical Center. Ambulatory Anesthesia

Cardiac Team

  • Orode Badakhsh, M.D.
  • Nathan Buck, M.D.
  • Neal W. Fleming, M.D., Ph.D., Director
  • Hong Liu, M.D.
  • Amrik Singh, M.D.
  • Nicole Weiss, M.D.
  • Aubrey Yao, M.D.