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The opioid epidemic

For toxicologist Kelly Owen, treating patients overdosing or sick from chronically taking prescription pain medications is routine. But the recent spate of overdoses from the pharmaceutical drug Norco™ laced with the powerful narcotic fentanyl was extraordinary. READ MOREarrow

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Ways to protect your back

Back pain is one of the most common concerns for patients visiting their doctors. The majority of Americans will experience lower back pain at some point during their lifetime. The reasons vary — from acute sprains due to injuries on sports fields to longer-term degenerative diseases caused by variety of factors. READ MOREarrow

UC Davis Transplant Center nurse Sharon Stencel with her aunt Sandra and Sandra’s family. Photo courtesy of Stuart Greenbaum.

Far more than a job

Sharon Stencel spends her time at work educating patients and potential organ donors about living kidney donation. It’s a subject she understands well. Stencel is a nurse in the UC Davis Transplant Center, and a kidney donor. READ MOREarrow

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Treating patients, brain to toe

Sara Teasdale is participating in a new UC Davis School of Medicine training program designed to help primary care doctors treat their patients’ physical and mental health conditions. Through the program — the first of its kind in the nation — she is learning how to conduct psychiatric interviews and then diagnose and treat mood, anxiety, psychotic and substance misuse disorders. READ MOREarrow

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Avoiding cognitive decline

Middle age is considered the prime of life. Most people are established in their careers, have satisfying personal relationships and productive involvement with their communities. READ MOREarrow

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Know your diabetes risks

Chances are you’ve already had your blood pressure taken at a routine medical appointment, and you’ve probably heard that it’s important to know your cholesterol level. READ MOREarrow

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A doll like me

Reese Baker of Wilton, California, enjoys the first grade, being a part of her local soccer team and playing with her dolls. READ MOREarrow

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Quenching the fire of heartburn

Millions of Americans experience heartburn, or acid reflux, at least once a month. READ MOREarrow

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Is cannabis “safer” than alcohol?

It’s often said that marijuana is “safer” than alcohol, in terms of fewer deaths from overdoses, traffic accidents and health-care costs, but a study by UC Davis and Duke researchers has found that from a financial and social point-of-view, there’s nothing safe about heavy cannabis use. READ MOREarrow