UC Davis summer camp teaches kids how to live with Type 1 diabetes.

Catering to kids with diabetes

It was a snapshot of a typical summer camp day. Eighties music and the scent of sunscreen lingered in the air. Kids, dressed in swimsuits, were gathered by the UC Davis Rec Pool. READ MOREarrow

medicine bottles

Vaccine law takes effect

A new law that requires vaccinations for all children entering child care or school, and eliminates the personal-belief exemption for parents and guardians took effect in 2016. READ MOREarrow

Eye Center staff reach out to feed down-and-out

Blessing Bags for the homeless

When UC Davis Eye Center laboratory technician Leslie Lopez went to Cesar Chavez Plaza in Sacramento for one of the free Concerts in the Park back in July, she saw firsthand all of the homeless people who call the plaza home. READ MOREarrow


Can eating fat lead to better health?

The notion that "fat is bad" is being challenged by nutritionists nationwide, including Marlia Braun, senior dietitian with UC Davis Health System, who helps patients make the transition from a low-fat, high-carb diet to a high-fat, low-carb diet known as the ketogenic diet. READ MOREarrow

UC Davis Cancer Center’s child life specialist Ellen Meuchel is in charge of play therapy and various other coping strategies in the pediatric infusion center.


The play area in the pediatric infusion center is buzzing with activity. Kids are building, coloring, reading and, most importantly, laughing. Not just patients, but parents and siblings, too. The play area isn’t just a haphazard jumble of donated toys and books, it’s a space specially designed by the cancer center’s resident child life specialist and expert on fun, Ellen Meuchel. READ MOREarrow

Two girls sharing a lunch

Four tips for preventing food allergies in school

Most parents send their children off to begin a new school year with excitement. But parents of children with severe food allergies typically feel real fear. Will their children successfully avoid the foods they are allergic to? READ MOREarrow


Increase in West Nile virus activity in California

In California, warm summer nights and more outdoor activities often mean more mosquito bites. While mosquitoes leave an itchy reminder of their presence, there’s a more serious souvenir the bugs may leave behind: West Nile virus. READ MOREarrow

CAL FIRE helitack firefighter Richard Reiff was supported during his burn recovery by his family members

Back to what he loves

As wildfires ripped across Northern California last summer, Richard Reiff was one of the firefighters injured battling the blaze known as the Valley Fire. After being treated at the Firefighters Burn Institute Regional Burn Center at UC Davis for burns to his face, hands and arms, he has returned to his family and the job that he loves. READ MOREarrow

Melvin Florencio Lorenzo, a UC Davis engineering student, was determined to succeed, beating leukemia and keeping up with his studies

Determined to succeed

Melvin Florencio Lorenzo was in the middle of completing not one, but two very difficult degrees: mechanical and aerospace engineering. So when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2013, he could only think about one thing. READ MOREarrow

Boys and their dad canoeing

Drowning takes only seconds

Children should ALWAYS wear a life vest when around natural bodies of water. Parents and other adults should set a good example by always wearing theirs. Sacramento County law requires all children under age 13 to wear a life vest in all public county waterways. READ MOREarrow