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Diabetes meter © iStockphoto

One in four U.S. adults is 'prediabetic'

Chances are you’ve seen it in the headlines. Thanks to obesity and lack of physical activity, diabetes has become a health problem of epidemic proportions in the United States. READ MOREarrow

College student © iStockphoto

Learning and adults with high-functioning autism

Learning is complicated for students with autism. Their challenges include the social pitfalls of interacting with classmates and their instructors and ignoring their areas of intense focused interest, such as video games, which may compete for their attention. READ MOREarrow

Josephine Lai © UC Regents

An extra layer of attention

Pedro Nieves takes 12 different medications every day. One to relieve swelling and bruising, one to regulate blood pressure, one to help manage his diabetes, and a blood thinner, among others. READ MOREarrow

Doctors Amir Zeki and Samuel Louis © UC Regents

Lung health champions

Controlling the symptoms of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is tough, but twice as challenging for those who have both diseases. To improve patient safety and quality of life, UC Davis pulmonary specialists have developed a diagnosis and treatment approach for a condition they named asthma-COPD overlap syndrome, or ACOS. READ MOREarrow

Xavier and mother

Healing the tiniest hearts

Xavier Smith faced open-heart surgery just days after coming home from the delivery room. READ MOREarrow

Franklin Chinn, Sr., M.D., and his wife Lily ©

Endowing excellence

Throughout his 88 years, the late Franklin Chinn, Sr., M.D., was committed to service of others. READ MOREarrow

Premature infant © UC Regents

Miracle food: Unraveling the mysteries of mother's milk

Premature babies who receive human milk have about one-half the rate of necrotizing enterocolitis, one of the most dangerous complications commonly seen in the NICU. READ MOREarrow

Message regarding Ebola for patients and visitors

Ebola screening information for UC Davis patients and visitors

To help prevent the spread of infectious disease, UC Davis Health System asks patients and visitors meeting the below criteria to check in with us before entering UC Davis Medical Group primary care clinics, the emergency room at UC Davis Medical Center, or any other UC Davis health clinic. READ MOREarrow


The baby whisperer

The miniature fingers of a two-months-premature baby wrap around the seemingly large thumb of UC Davis volunteer donor Jim Donoghue. READ MOREarrow

UC Davis professors Steve Kowalczykowski and Wolf Heyer © UC Regents

Collaborating for the cure

As internationally renowned scientists, UC Davis professors Steve Kowalczykowski and Wolf Heyer study the fine details of DNA repair and chromosome maintenance. READ MOREarrow