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UC Davis Vascular Center

UC Davis Vascular Center news releases

April 2014arrow

UC Davis researchers discover how high blood pressure damages the heart

April 7, 2014

A multidisciplinary research team at UC Davis has found a key biological trigger — a protein known as nitric oxide synthase, or NOS — that makes the heart beat stronger in response to higher blood pressure, along with a way to turn that trigger off when it becomes overactive.

February 2014arrow

UC Davis Medical Center receives the Women's Choice Award as one of America's best heart care hospitals

February 13, 2014

UC Davis Medical Center is a winner of the Women’s Choice Award as one of America’s Best Hospitals in Heart Care. As more women self-manage their care and seek providers they can trust, the Women’s Choice Award is the only distinction that identifies the nation’s best health-care institutions and signifies UC Davis Medical Center’s commitment and passion for creating an extraordinary health-care experience. [en español]

January 2014arrow

UC Davis experts: American Heart Month

January 29, 2014

UC Davis faculty are available throughout American Heart Month in February for interviews on the detection, treatment and prevention of heart and vascular disease and can discuss groundbreaking research that is leading to new methods of addressing heart failure, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, valve disease, congenital conditions, coronary artery disease and more.

UC Davis is all red for heart health

January 24, 2014

The University of California, Davis, studies the heart, treats the heart and promotes heart health in a big, big way, to be demonstrated Friday, Feb. 7, when thousands of students, staff and faculty will try to set a new world record for largest heart formation.

November 2013arrow

UC Davis stem cell research team visit study partners in Spain

November 26, 2013

The UC Davis Health System research team that is working to speed therapies to people suffering from critical limb ischemia (CLI) recently returned from visiting its collaborative partners in Spain.

August 2013arrow

Nobel laureate to explain the importance of the Higgs particle

August 29, 2013

Gerard ‘t Hooft, one of the international scientists whose Nobel Prize winning research contributed to the discovery of the Higgs particle, will speak in Sacramento on September 5 about how the particle was detected, what it means in terms of understanding the subatomic world and the future discoveries it will likely inspire.

UC Davis "lab on a chip" measures heart disease risk

August 6, 2013

Using a special microchip that can perform laboratory functions, a team of cardiologists and biomedical engineers from UC Davis has identified cells linked with inflammation and varying degrees of heart disease.

Leader in cardiovascular medicine receives international recognition

August 2, 2013

Anne Knowlton, a leading investigator on the cellular mechanisms involved in cardiac injury and heart failure, was recognized with the Albrecht Fleckenstein Memorial Award for distinguished work in the field of basic research at the opening ceremony of the Annual Scientific Sessions of the International Academy of Cardiology's 18th World Congress on Heart Disease.

July 2013arrow

UC Davis expands access to vascular care

July 26, 2013

Beginning Aug. 2, vascular specialists Misty Humphries and Nasim Hedayati will be available for Friday appointments at UC Davis Medical Group locations in Davis and Elk Grove.

Novel inhibitor of C-reactive protein holds promise as cardiovascular disease treatment

July 24, 2013

UC Davis scientists have developed a novel cardiovascular agent which, unlike currently available drugs for heart disease, does not target high blood cholesterol or high blood pressure.

June 2013arrow

A second amyloid may play a role in Alzheimer's disease, UC Davis researchers find

June 27, 2013

A protein secreted with insulin travels through the bloodstream and accumulates in the brains of individuals with type 2 diabetes and dementia, in the same manner as the amyloid beta (Αβ) plaques that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease, a study by researchers with the UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center has found. [en español or 中文 Chinese]

May 2013arrow

Two UC Davis physicians honored as health-care heroes

May 24, 2013

Two UC Davis Health System faculty were recognized today as 2013 Health Care Heroes by the Sacramento Business Journal for their outstanding achievements in making a difference in the health of the Sacramento region. Psychiatrist Robert Hales was recognized in the mental health practitioner category and cardiologist Amparo Villablanca was recognized in the researcher category.