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UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association

UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association

UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association

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Photo of Jamie, M.D., '79 President, UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association Welcome to the UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association Web site! We have created this Web site to foster communication between faculty, staff, students, graduates and current and former House Staff of the UC Davis School of Medicine and UC Davis Medical Center.

It is an exciting time for the School of Medicine! The Education Building on the Sacramento campus is absolutely gorgeous. Now all four years of medical students are trained in basic and clinical sciences at the same campus, adjacent to the Medical Center. If you are in the area and would like a tour, please contact Beth Abad in the Alumni Office.

The School of Medicine and the UC Davis Medical Center rank in the top 50 medical schools and medical centers in the country! We continue to train top doctors and are very proud of our alumni that are spread around the country!

We would love for you to become more involved in our Alumni Association, especially from the perspective of participating in the education of our medical students! Two of my favorite ways to get involved are: 1) supporting our Scholarship Fund and 2) if you live in the greater Sacramento area, hosting a Specialty Night. (Specialty Nights are evenings hosted by Alumni in their homes or offices, inviting interested medical students for dinner, conversation, and a brief presentation about their specialty--these are a huge hit with the medical students and very helpful for them as they try to make choices about their specialty choices.) And please remember that with the ever increasing debts our students incur, a donation to our Scholarship Fund is a worthwhile investment to the future of healthcare in this country!! Claire Pomeroy, Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine is promoting outreach to alumni. She hosts receptions out of the area in places like Seattle, D.C., San Francisco, Texas, and Denver.

Check out the Newsflash for current information about the school and health related news. Find alumni through the directory. Register and update your profile so others can find you and know what you doing . Read the alumni section in UC Davis Medicine and see how your classmates, residents and faculty are keeping busy. Or for a real kick, look up old class photos!

Please keep in touch with us--we love to hear how and what you are doing! You can contact us via the Web site, standard mail, or give us a call. We would love to hear from you and we hope you will plan to join us for your next class reunion!

Jamie McManus, M.D., '79
President, UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association