Thomas Ferguson, M.D., PhD

Medical School

University of California, Davis


Internal Medicine: University of California, Davis


University of California, Davis

Specialty/Field:  Medical Toxicology Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Board Certification


  • Emergency Medicine
  • Medical Toxicology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Occupational Medicine

Select Publications


  • Contributing section author in Poisoning and Drug Overdose, 5th edition. Kent Olson, editor, Appleton & Lange; 2006:(chromium pp166-168 and thallium pp 354-355. Also in 3rd and 4th editions.
  • Stephen A. McCurdy, Thomas J. Ferguson, David Goldsmith, John Parker, Marc Schenker. Respiratory Health of California Rice Farmers. Amer J Resp. Critical Care Medicine 1996; 153:1553-1559.
  • JT Bushberg, GD Westcott, VE Anderson, DK Shelton, TJ Ferguson, and FA Mettler. 1995. Exposure Analysis and Medical Evaluation of a Low Energy X-ray Diffraction Accident. Health Physics (Abstracts Supplement). 68: 5 (June 1995).
  • Thomas J. Ferguson. Needlestick Injuries Among Hospital Employees. Epitomes in Occupational Medicine. Western Journal of Medicine, April 1992. Marc Schenker, Thomas Ferguson, Thomas Gamskey. Respiratory Risks Associated with Agriculture. Occupational Medicine: State of the Art Reviews 1991; 6:415-428.