The compliance program is all about doing the right thing. My job as the chief compliance officer (CCO) is to help you and to help UC Davis Health take the ethical high road.

Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Privacy Officer Sharalyn RasmussenChief Compliance Officer and Chief Privacy Officer Sharalyn Rasmussen

If you have a complaint, it will be properly investigated. If you wish, we will keep your identity confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law.

"The compliance office is here to help people learn about the issues relevant to their jobs."

I would like to remind you that the compliance office is here to help people learn about the issues relevant to their jobs. Health care has a significant societal impact, is highly regulated and poses complex questions with often-changing answers. This Web site is part of that educational effort, and I encourage you to look around here.

The compliance office is always striving to do better. If you have any suggestions, please contact me at:

Sharalyn Rasmussen
Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Privacy Officer

UC Davis Health

Health care is a complex and heavily regulated industry. In order to be responsive to its ever-changing laws and regulations, the UC Davis Health Compliance Department has developed a compliance program as a method to promote a culture of compliance within the institution. Compliance is everyone’s responsibility and ignorance of the law is not a defense for non-compliance. The Compliance Department supports the UCD Health workforce so they can create a healthier world through bold innovation in an ethical and compliant manner.

Furthermore, the Department of Health and Human Services and its Office of the Inspector General strongly encourage all health care providers to implement effective compliance programs as outlined in the United States Sentencing Guidelines. Without an effective compliance program, non-compliance issues can lead to substantial penalties. While our financial objectives are not our primary reason for maintaining compliance, the compliance program helps the UC Davis Health community navigate the health care regulatory environment and avoid the fines, penalties or negative publicity that can distract us from achieving our mission. Nevertheless, we have taken up this mandate primarily to serve as a role model for good corporate citizenship in health care.

Executive Leadership

Shara Rasmussen

Chief Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer


Paul Hackman

Deputy Compliance Officer


General, Regulatory, and Research Compliance

Shanā McClendon

Compliance Program Manager


C. Brandi Hannagan

Senior Regulatory Specialist


Kathy Olson

Research Compliance Analyst


Lisa Wilson

Research Compliance Analyst


Coding and Billing

Liz Clark

Coding and Billing Compliance Manager


Jeannette Biddle

Coding and Billing Compliance Analyst


Rosalie (Sally) Jacinto

Coding Auditor


Aparna Malhotra

Coding Auditor


Eric Orblom

Compliance Analyst


Privacy and Investigations

Fitz King

Senior Privacy Program Analyst


Alessia Shahrokh

Privacy and Compliance Investigator



Rachel Miller Jewett

Compliance Analyst II