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In the American Journal of Epidemiology, Dr. Magdalena Cerdá comments on the state-of-the-art evidence on gun violence organized around (1) the link between access to firearms and violence; (2) firearm violence related to substance abuse and affiliation with deviant social networks; and (3) approaches to violence prevention that span individual level interventions in the healthcare or home settings to state or national level interventions. This volume summarizes the epidemiology of firearms violence and highlights important gaps and priorities for future research on the risks, consequences, and prevention of gun violence. Read more:  Gun violence:  Risk, Consequences, and Prevention (PDF)

Did you know?

A priority of our work at the Violence Prevention Research Program is communicating and disseminating complex scientific research so that it is informative for intervention  and actionable for decision makers. Dr. Garen Wintemute recently had the opportunity to dispel myths about firearms violence at a stakeholder meeting sponsored by the California Wellness Foundation. Read more:  A Few Myths and Facts About Firearms Violence (PDF)