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Integrating Medicine into Basic Science

Designated Emphasis in Translational Research

Program Director: Ann Bonham, Ph.D.

The Designated Emphasis in Translational Research (DETR) is an inter-graduate group program that allows Ph.D. students to receive and be credited for training in the area of translational research. This training is a key component of a larger UCD strategy for creating a groundbreaking translational research program that is team-based and multidisciplinary and to make bold new changes in how we train our basic scientist students to discover answers to medical challenges. The overarching goal of the initiative is to provide an innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable model for training a new cadre of PhD biologists who will have productive careers in clinically-relevant basic research.


The training program will be directly constructed using a platform recently established through the UC Davis Integrating Medicine into Basic Science Training Program awarded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Additional training programs have since been initiated through funding from National Institutes of Health T32 Institutional Training Grants.


The training will be achieved through a new, multi-faceted, one-year curriculum that augments traditional graduate training.  Anchored by Clinical Medicine-Basic Science Learning Groups, the program involves new courses and interactive clinical rotations, experienced shoulder-to shoulder with medical students, clinical fellows and clinician educators. A summer institute “Introduction to Clinical Medicine,” a longitudinal lecture/laboratory course “Medical Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology” and participation in an innovative “Doctoring Course” will help bridge the medicine-basic science gap. 

DETR Missions

  • Enable trainees to acquire knowledge and skills to help them seamlessly translate their new discoveries into tools for improving human health
  • Prepare trainees to embrace a culture of translational team research whereby they choose biological problems that impact the treatment of human diseases
  • Expose trainees to clinical encounters that provide opportunities for them to envision the impact their research can have on human lives
  • Provide trainees with training experiences where they can identify opportunities to apply their research to unmet medical problems
  • Create an environment at UC Davis where trainees and faculty judge the impact of new discoveries by whether those discoveries bridge the gap between basic biology and human health
  • Prepare trainees to recognize the importance of research questions that impact health disparities


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