School of Medicine induction ceremony officially welcomes class of 2014

Incoming medical students of Class of 2014 © UC Regents
Excited Class of 2014 medical students beam at their families and friends during the induction ceremony.

Posted August 11, 2010

The newest group of students at the UC Davis School of Medicine received their official welcome to the school during the annual induction ceremony, held Saturday at the Activities and Recreation Center on the Davis campus.

The students wore their new medical coats and received stethoscopes to commemorate their induction into medical school. Classes began today on the Sacramento campus.

The class of 2014 has 96 students, who are almost evenly divided between women and men. The school received nearly 4,600 applications and offered admission to 200 students.

Twenty-four percent of the incoming students have identified themselves as coming from medically underserved communities, and 38 percent indicated they come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Just over 10 percent of the new students are graduates of the California State University system, with the remainder of the class consisting largely of University of California graduates, especially from UC Davis, UC Berkeley and UCLA.