The amazing thing is that he is still alive.

I continue to give him the study drug, and he responds by having an appetite. His continued ability to eat is encouraging.

He has lost some weight, and has some loss of eating ability due to the location of the tumor.

He loves going to see Dr. Skorupski.

I put him in the carrier and usually once a cat knows they are going to the vet it is all yowling. However Carmelito purrs loudly on the drive to see Dr. Skorupski. I am sure he recognizes how she has helped him.

The tumor has caused his eye to shut partially on that side of his face, and he has difficulty eating. He is given an anti inflammatory and antibiotics. But so far there are very few problems, such as infection.

The hardest thing he has to do is eat, and he is still managing that. I am constantly amazed at his will to live.

Another thing about this cat is that he enjoys music, so I put on several CDs and I let them go so that he can enjoy various concerts. He obviously is a music lover. (I know that some people would find that a stretch!).

In the mornings Carmelito continues to go out and enjoy a basically he is still a cat...doing the things that cats love to do.

Krysia Lamore, Carmelito's owner 6/19/2008