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Violence Prevention Research Program

Violence Prevention Research Program

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 Disproportionate sales of crime guns among licensed handgun retailers in the United States:a case control study

 Gun Suicide by Young People in Califoria:Descriptive Epidemiology and Gun Ownership

 Guns, Fear, the Constitution, and the Public's Health

 Handgun Violence, Public Health, and the Law.(Editorial)

 Gun shows across a multistate american gun market: observational evidence of the effects of regulatory policies

 Risk factors among handgun retailers for frequent and disproportionate sales of guns used in violent and firearm related crimes

 People and guns involved in denied and completed handgun sales

 The Life Cycle of Crime Guns: A Description Based on Guns Recovered From Young People in California

 Treating Gun Violence Before the 911 Call (Related Editorial)

 Handgun Commerce in California, 2000

 Shall Issue Policy and Criminal Activity Among Applicants for Permits to Carry Concealed Fireams

 Gun Carrying Among Male Adolescents as a Function of Gun Ownership in the General Population

 Association Between Handgun Purchase and Mortality from Firearm Injury

 Increased Risk of Intimate Partner Homicide Among California Women Who Purchased Handguns (Letter)

 Handgun Commerce in California, 1999

 Where the Guns Come From: The Gun Industry and Gun Commerce

 The Epidemiology of Firearm Suicide in the United States

 Denial of Handgun Purchase to Violent Misdemeanants (Letter)

 Subsequent Criminal Activity Among Violent Misdemeanants Who Seek to Purchase Handguns, Risk Factors and Effectiveness of Denying Handgun Purchase

 Complementary Strategies to Prevent Firearms Injury (Related Editorial)

 Guns and gun violence. In: The Crime Drop in America

 Relationship Between Illegal Use of Handguns and Handgun Sales Volume (Research Letter)

 Mortality among Recent Purchasers of Handguns

 Firearms and Suicide (Related Editorial)

 The Future of Firearm Violence Prevention: Building on Success

 Denial of Handgun Purchase: A Description of the Affected Population and a Controlled Study of their Handgun Preferences

 Effectiveness of Denial of Handgun Purchase to Persons Believed to be at High Risk for Firearm Violence

 Prior Misdemeanor Convictions as a Risk Factor for Later Violent and Firearm-Related Criminal Activity Among Authorized Purchasers of Handguns

 Handgun Purchasers with Misdemeanor Convictions (Editorial)

 Characteristics of a Gun Exchange Program, and an Assessment of Potential Benefits

 Support for New Policies to Regulate Firearms

 Criminal Activity and Assault-Type Handguns: A Study of Young Adults

 Predicting Criminal Behavior Among Authorized Purchasers of Handguns

 Weapons of Choice: Previous Criminal History, Later Criminal Activity, and Firearm Preference among Legally Authorized Young Adult Purchasers of Handguns

 Gun Confiscations: A Case Study of the City of Sacramento in 1995

 California's Guns and Crime: New Evidence

 The Relationship Between Firearm Design and Firearm Violence: Handguns in the 1990s

 Trauma in Transition: Trends in Deaths from Firearm and Motor Vehicle Injuries

 Does California Have Crime Guns? An Analysis of Justice Department Data


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Ring of Fire Request

Researched and written by Dr. Garen Wintemute, the report details the nature and workings of the California companies that produce America's cheap, easily concealable handguns. It offers specific recommendations for individual and community action. Topics: The "Saturday Night Special" Family, The Ring of Fire Companies and What They Make, How Ring of Fire Companies Sell Their Guns, Ring of Fire Guns and Crime, How They Get Away With It, and What You Can Do.

There is a charge of $5.00 for Ring of Fire. To order, please send in this form with a check for $5 per copy, made payable to: Regents, University of California. (We cannot accept purchase orders or credit card purchases.)

Please send me _________ copies of Ring of Fire; my check for ______________ is enclosed.

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