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Volume 12 • No 1 • Spring 2015

They said it!


The outcome (of critical leg ischemia) is really poor if you continue to smoke. Almost half of the patients will be dead within five years. It’s a terminal illness in some ways.

John Laird

It’s not an overstatement to say the world is watching us [the Lung Cancer Master Protocol or Lung-MAPS, clinical trial]. If we’re successful in doing this in lung cancer, then others will follow.

David Gandara

The proportion of minorities in clinical research remains very low and is not representative of the U.S. population with cancer. In order for us to benefit from clinical trials, we need more people of different phenotypes.

The momentum started on blogs and Twitter, and it took off from there. I believe that without social media, right now the STAP papers wouldn’t have been retracted.

There is the wrong impression that [peer review is] infallible. That’s not how science should work. We should be evaluating things continuously, and I believe dynamic online discussion is the best way.