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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Vendor Guide to the UC Davis Health System

Welcome to the UC Davis Health System vendor page. The purpose of this Web page is to serve as an informational resource for vendors interested in doing business with the health system. It was designed to provide a simple, user-friendly overview of the policy and procedure that direct our activities during the acquisition of goods and services.

Table of contents


The following information is a guide to vendors and suppliers who want to do business with the UC Davis Health System. Please take a moment to review it completely. If you have any questions after your review, please feel free to contact the appropriate person using the information provided in this Web page.

General Information

The primary point-of-contact for matters relating to acquisition is the UC Davis Medical Center Purchasing Department. The purchasing department may be contacted during its business hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of public and university holidays. The department is located in the Facilities Support Services Building (which is adjacent to the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center). The mailing address is: UC Davis Medical Center Purchasing Department, 4800 2nd Avenue, FSSB Suite #3010, Sacramento, CA 95817-2216. The FAX number is: (916) 734-7791.

The purchasing department provides centralized purchasing services to the UC Davis Health System. Limited delegation of purchasing authority has been extended to certain medical center departments in recognition of their unique needs. The purchasing department, however, is responsible for ensuring all purchases, either on a central basis or by a delegated department, are made in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth by the Regents of the University of California, the Office of the President, and the laws of the state of California.

Vendors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with policy governing the activities of vendor representatives and employees as articulated by UC Davis Health System (UCDHS) Policy and Procedure 2202, "Vendor and Contracted Services at UCDHS" prior to entering any UCDHS facility. 

Becoming a Vendor

The purchasing department asks that interested vendors first complete and provide a business information form to the department. Appointments are recommended in the event that you want to meet in person to discuss or clarify the content of your form.

Vendor Diversity

It is the policy of the University of California, consistent with state and federal law, to provide opportunities for conducting business with small business enterprises, and to give responsive, responsible vendors a fair and equal opportunity to compete for health system business. You can provide such information about your vendor status to us with your business information form.

Methods of Making Purchases

For purchases with an estimated value of $100,000 or more, formal solicitations are prepared and issued to industry. The solicitations are provided to potential bidders as well as being posted on the UC Davis Health System Supply Chain Management Web site. Each solicitation will identify the responsible buyer, contain response due dates and provide instructions on how to respond to the solicitation as well as other pertinent information. Please contact the identified buyer to be formally added to the solicitation's vendor list and to receive an official copy of the solicitation.

For purchases with an estimated value of less than $100,000.00, solicitations will be prepared and issued based on the judgment of the buyer handling the acquisition. Solicitations for these acquisitions will vary in terms of complexity and will be suited to fit the environment of the instant acquisition.

The University of California has also established Systemwide Planned Purchasing Agreements. The agreements are for use by campuses, medical centers and laboratories. Some agreements have been competitively bid and are designated as a “primary source.” Such agreements are based on a commitment to the supplier to use their products exclusively and purchases at any dollar level may be made without seeking competition. The remaining agreements have been negotiated and are designated as University Price Schedules and are not to be used in lieu of competition.

The UC Davis Medical Center is also a member of the University Health System Consortium (UHC), a group purchasing organization. UHC is an alliance of the clinical enterprises of 88 academic health centers. UHC enables its members to pool resources, create economies of scale, improve clinical and operating efficiencies, and influence the direction and delivery of health care. Selected health system purchases are made under the auspices of agreements developed on the behalf of the UHC membership.

Formal Solicitations

Formal solicitations, e.g. requests for proposals, for purchases with an estimated value of $100,000.00 or more contain detailed specifications describing the instant acquisition and are awarded to the responsive, responsible bidder with the lowest cost to the university. In determining whether a vendor is responsive and responsible, such factors as the thorough completion of the solicitation response, facilities, capacity, experience, previous work and financial standing are taken into consideration. The lowest cost to the university is determined on the basis of cost alone or on a cost per quality point basis. The cost per quality point basis makes use of points assigned to factors other than cost. To determine the lowest cost per quality point, the proposed cost of the goods, materials or services is divided by the total quality points assigned to the proposal by a team of evaluators. Each solicitation will describe the method to be used in selecting the successful vendor. The UC Davis Medical Center reserves right to reject any and all responses to a solicitation.

Invoicing and Payment

Purchase orders are issued for officially authorized purchases of the UC Davis Health System. The health system is not responsible for the payment of purchases made without an official purchase order. Vendors who proceed with the performance of any work or the delivery of any supplies without a purchase order do so on their own recognizance. The health system is not exempt from state sales or use tax. Purchase orders include the address to which materials should be delivered and the address to which invoices should be submitted. Submitted invoices should include the purchase order number, a description of goods or services furnished, quantities, unit prices, extensions, and payment terms. Incomplete invoices can result in a delay of payment. Please do not submit invoices prior to the delivery of goods or services. The accounts payable function can be reached at (916) 734-9168 for questions regarding the payment of existing invoices. The accounts payable office is located in Suite 2300 of the Broadway Building, located at 4900 Broadway, Sacramento CA 95820.

How You Can Help Us Do a Better Job

  • Contact UC Davis Medical Center Purchasing Department and introduce yourself.
  • Call ahead to schedule an appointment if you want to visit in person.
  • Be sure to comply with our vendor credentialing program as articulated in Policy & Procedure 2202.
  • Keep us supplied with your latest catalogs and price lists.
  • Keep us informed of your back order situations, plant closures, impending shortages or strikes.
  • Refrain from offering gifts or gratuities that may influence or affect university purchasing decisions. It is preferred that incentives take the form of quality or price considerations.
  • Determine if the UC Davis Health System staff member conducting business with you is authorized to do so. Refer to the “methods of making purchases” section. The purchasing department can verify this for you as well.
  • Inform the purchasing department if specifications for a product can be improved to provide either better quality or longer life, and/or reduce its cost.
  • Include the UC Davis Medical Center purchase order number and complete delivery address on your shipments to us.
  • Follow through on orders to ensure delivery to the UC Davis Health System as promised.
  • Include the UC Davis Medical Center purchase order number on your invoice.


Miscellaneous Information


A Smoke-Free Campus

Improving health and maintaining a healing environment has always been the top priority for the UC Davis Health System.  It is the key reason why a totally smoke-free environment has been established.

The Health System's policy on smoke-free environments includes building interiors and all outdoor areas surrounding health system facilities and buildings.

The decision to eliminate all smoking — including parking areas and sidewalks — is based on the fact that any tobacco smoke, including second-hand smoke, carries a health hazard for which there is no risk-free level of exposure.

The totally smoke-free policy provides employees, patients, visitors, volunteers and students with the protection they deserve from the unhealthy and damaging impacts of tobacco.