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2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Strategy Design Teams

Organizational overview and responsibility of design teams


In response to Phase I research compiled during summer 2010, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee proposed updates to UC Davis Health System’s mission, vision and values.

In addition, the committee identified planning goals and created four Strategy Design Teams to define strategies and tactics to address the goals. The members identified for the design teams are cross representative of the health system and its four mission areas of research, education, patient care and community engagement.

The Strategy Design Teams are focused on each of these areas:

  • Models of health care
  • Discovery and dissemination
  • Workforce development
  • Institutional capacity

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Chair: Frederick Meyers
James Goodnight,
Ann Madden Rice,
Heather Young

Strategy Design Teams 
Models of
Health Care

Estella Geraghty and
Vincent Johnson
Liaison: Heather Young

Discovery and

Peter Cala and
Mark Servis
Liaison: Ann Madden Rice


JP Eres, Robert Hales,
and Carol Robinson
Liaison: James Goodnight


Richard Bold and
Michael Boyd
Liaison: Frederick Meyers


Design Teams: Purpose, questions and rosters

The design teams are charged with a number of questions specific to their areas, as well as the following questions common to all teams:

  1. How do we change to address the reforms needed to design the optimal health-care delivery system in the United States?
  2. What should be our differentiating factors?
  3. How do we create and demonstrate value (to society and stakeholders)?
  4. Who do we partner with? How do we interact with partners?
  5. How do we leverage innovation and technology efficiently and effectively?  

Below are the teams and their specific responsibilities.

Models of Health Care

Purpose and focus:

The Models of Health Care Design Team is charged with designing tomorrow’s person-focused and responsive health-care delivery system. As part of its charge, the team will address the following questions (along with the questions common to all teams):

  1. How do we become both person-centered and population-centered?
  2. What should health care delivered at UC Davis look like in 10 years? How do we design the continuum of care?
  3. What is the role of research in developing new models of care?
  4. How can we effectively disseminate new models we develop to impact care delivery beyond our system?
  5. How will we achieve access, quality and cost-effectiveness?
  6. How should we respond to consumer-driven health care and an environment where individuals assume more personal responsibility for their health?
  7. How do we use evidence-based approaches and research to optimize care delivery and demonstrate value?
  8. What should we stop doing? What is obsolete?
  9. How can we contribute to improving the health of the community?



Estella Geraghty
Assistant Professor, Division of General Medicine

Vincent Johnson
Chief Operating Officer, Medical Center


Thomas Balsbaugh
Associate Professor and Residency Program Director,
Department of Family and Community Medicine

Klea Bertakis
Professor and Chair, Department of
Family and Community Medicine
Chair, Practice Management Board

Kathryn DeRiemer
Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences

Shelton Duruisseau
Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Inclusion
Chief External Affairs Officer, Health System

Debra Gage
Manager, Clinical Operations, Medical Center

John Grubbs
Director, Department of Pharmacy, Medical Center

Yolanda Henderson
Supervisor, Equal Employment Opportunity Diversity Office, Human Resources
Chair, African-American Staff Association

Marsha Hunkins-Flores
Manager, Accelerated Access and Hospital Services,
Patient Care Services Department, Medical Center

Jana Katz-Bell
Assistant Dean, Interprofessional Programs

John Laird
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Director, UC Davis Vascular Center

Thomas Nesbitt
Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategic Technologies 
and Alliances, Health System
Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Johannon Olson
Clinical Director, Perioperative Services, Medical Center

Teresa Porter
Chief Compliance Officer, Health System

Kurt Slapnik
Medical Director, Medical Group

Noel Sousa
Manager, Decision Support and Budget

Denette Valencia
Manager, General Adult Intensive Care Unit,
Patient Care Services Department, Medical Center

Jennifer Wyatt
Chief Administrative Officer,
Department of Emergency Medicine




Heather Young
Associate Vice Chancellor for Nursing, Health System
Dean, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Zephyr Gold
Analyst, School of Medicine


Discovery and Dissemination

Purpose and focus:

The Discovery and Dissemination Design Team is charged with increasing the scope, volume and impact of the health system’s research. As part of their charge, the team will address the following questions (along with the questions common to all teams):

  1. How can we contribute to improving the health of the community?
  2. What should be our research agenda for the future and how do we build capacity to get there?
  3. How do we ensure that we are doing high-impact programmatic research?
  4. How do we create a vibrant, learning culture (e.g., willingness to take risks, rapid-cycle innovation, etc.)?
  5. How do we optimize the continuum of basic-science, translational, clinical and outcomes research?
  6. How can we become leaders in discovery and dissemination?
  7. How do we foster large-scale team science and interdisciplinary projects?
  8. How do we ensure discoveries are translated into practice, or to the community, and vice versa?
  9. How can we foster iincreased collaboration with the Davis campus?



Peter Cala
Professor and Chair,
Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology

Mark Servis
Associate Dean, Curriculum and Competency Development,
School of Medicine
Professor and Vice Chair of Education,
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Kent Anderson
Manager, Division of Research Technology and
Assistant Director of Biomedical Informatics,
Clinical and Translational Science Center

Carolyn de La Peña
Professor, American Studies
Director, Humanities Institute

Holli De Von
Associate Professor,
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Gregory Favre
Member, National Board of Advisors
Distinguished Fellow, Poynter Institute

Margorie Gorthy
Chief Administrative Officer, Department of Radiology

David Harry
Director of Technology Services,
California Telehealth Network

Bonnie Hyatt
Assistant Director, Public Affairs and Marketing, Health System

Anthony Jerant
Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Richard Kravitz
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Internal Medicine

Kit Lam
Professor and Chair,
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

Toby Marsh
Assistant Director of Hospital and Clinics,
Patient Care Services Department, Medical Center

Rachel Mitchell
Student, School of Medicine

William Murphy
Professor, Departments of Dermatology
and Internal Medicine

Julie Rainwater
Director of the Evaluation and Tracking Program,
Clinical Translation Science Center

Carolyn Ramirez
Field Representative and Case Worker,
Office of Congresswoman Doris Matsui

Barbara Rickabaugh
Associate Research Nurse, Nursing Research Center,
Medical Center

Patrick Romano
Professor, Departments of Internal Medicine
and Pediatrics

Peter Sokolove
Professor and Vice Chair,
Department of Emergency Medicine

Robert Waste
Assistant Director, Government and Community Relations, Health System




Ann Madden Rice
Chief Executive Officer, Medical Center

Zephyr Gold
Analyst, School of Medicine


Workforce Development

Purpose and focus:

The Workforce Development Design Team is charged with recruiting, retaining, and cultivating a diverse and inquisitive workforce of faculty, staff and leadership, and with preparing the next generation of clinicians, health-care workers, researchers and educators. As part of its charge, the team will address the following questions (along with the questions common to all teams):

  1. How do we support for our own workforce needs as well as the workforce needs of the community?
  2. How do we attract and retain the best and brightest faculty staff, students and trainees?
  3. How do we support and recruit diversity in our workforce and our student body?
  4. How do we recognize outstanding performance and how do we maintain a competitive reward structure?
  5. How do we encourage and support an inquisitive, creative culture to address all missions?
  6. How do we support lifelong learning?
  7. How do we effectively build and reward disciplinary excellence and interdisciplinary collaboration?
  8. How do we create an optimal learning and educational environment?
  9. How do we tailor educational, staffing and leadership approaches to meet the needs of different generations?




JP Eres
Manager, Volunteer Services
Co-Chair, Hispanic Staff Caucus
Executive Committee and Immediate Past Chair, Staff Assembly

Robert Hales
Professor and Chair, 
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Chair, Council of Chairs

Carol Robinson
Chief Patient Care Services Officer
Director of Nursing, Medical Center



Lisa Badovinac
Manager, Educational Programs,
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Patricia Brown
Manager, Respiratory Care

Edward Callahan
Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Associate Dean, Academic Personnel, School of Medicine

Stephen Chilcott
Executive Director, Human Resources,
Health System

Satya Dandekar
Professor and Chair,
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Paul Fitzgerald
Professor and Chair,
Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

Mark Henderson
Professor, Vice Chair and Residency Program Director,
Department of Internal Medicine
Associate Dean, Admissions and Outreach, School of Medicine

Christopher Jackson
Practice Manager, Internal Medicine Clinics, Medical Center

Darin Latimore
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Director, Medical Student Diversity, School of Medicine

Gary Leiserowitz
Professor, Chief and Fellowship Director,
Division of Gynecologic Oncology

Lori Madden
Nurse Practitioner, Department of Neurological Surgery
Student, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

James Nuovo
Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Graduate Medical Education, School of Medicine

Cindy Oropeza
Manager, Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity and Benefits, Human Resources, Health System

Joann Peters
Manager, J Street Clinic, Medical Group

Julie Schweitzer
Associate Professor and Director of the ADHD Program,
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Deborah Ward
Associate Dean, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Health Sciences Clinical Associate Professor

David Wisner
Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery

Jeremy Wong
Student, School of Medicine

Cheryl Wraa
Manager, Trauma Program




James Goodnight
Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs, School of Medicine
Director, Practice Management Board

Zephyr Gold
Analyst, School of Medicine


Institutional Capacity

Purpose and focus:

The Institutional Capacity Design Team is charged with building a collaborative, team-oriented and empowered organization with enhanced visibility at all levels. As part of its charge, the team will address the following questions (along with the questions common to all teams):

  1. What steps need to be taken to foster a more team-oriented, empowering environment at UC Davis Health System?  What does empowerment mean?
  2. How do we improve the health system's image locally, regionally, nationally and globally?
  3. How do we bolster financial sustainability now and in the future?
  4. What processes should be used to identify new and sustainable financial resources?
  5. How do we improve efficiency and effectiveness?
  6. What should be done to increase philanthropic funding?
  7. What partners should we cultivate to obtain sustainable resources?
  8. How can we ensure strong relationships with the Davis campus?
  9. What activities are performed centrally at the Davis campus that can be done at the Sacramento campus? What activities that are done at the Sacramento campus that should be done on the Davis campus?
  10. What improvements to facilities, infrastructure and administrative systems are required to support our mission?
  11. How do we identify institutional capacity requirements to support operations over a five- to 10-year time period?




Richard Bold
Professor and Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology

Michael Boyd
Executive Director, Facilities Administration


Timothy Albertson
Professor and Chief, Division of Pulmonary,
Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine
Interim Chair, Department of Internal Medicine

Joseph Antognini
Professor and Vice Chair,
Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Chair, Faculty Executive Committee, School of Medicine

Donald Bers
Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology

Gerald Birk
Manager, Heart Center

Cheryl Clyburn
Manager, Physician Referral Center

John Cook
Assistant Director, Clinical Information Systems

Ralph deVere White
Associate Dean, Cancer Programs, School of Medicine
Director, Cancer Center
Professor, Department of Urology

Raymond Dougherty
Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology

Patricia Keast
Chief Administrative Officer,
Health Sciences Development

Kathy Lelevier
Manager, Practice Management Board

William McGowan
Chief Financial Officer, Health System

John Meyer
Vice Chancellor, Administrative Resource Management

Michael Minear
Chief Information Officer, Health System

Eric Moore
Manager, Medical and Surgical Specialty Unit,
Patient Care Services Department, Medical Center

Thomas Moore
Director, Supply Chain Management

Wendy Nugent
Assistant Director, Patient Care Services Department,
Medical Center

Anna Orlowski
Health System Counsel, Legal Affairs

Shelley Palumbo
Chief Administrative Officer,
Center for Health and Technology

Elena Siegel
Assistant Professor, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Annie Wong
Director of Contracts, Health System



Fred Meyers
Executive Associate Dean, School of Medicine

Zephyr Gold
Analyst, School of Medicine