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2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Goal 5: Excellence in People

Project 56

A crosswalk between Goal 5 and Strategy 6.2: Excellence in people through valuing diversity

Strategy 5.1: High-Quality Faculty, Staff and Leadership: Attract, retain, develop and reward talented and diverse faculty, staff and leaders that bring national and international distinction to UC Davis Health System.


  1. Building a faculty community
  2. Building a staff community that recognizes and rewards staff employees
  3. Establish means of market differentiation for the Health System
  4. Leverage technology to facilitate recruitment, promotion and recognition, for example Talent Plus, UC Excellence, and electronic Academic Life System
  5. Provide robust mentoring programs for faculty and staff

Strategy 5.2: High-Quality Students and Trainees: Attract, develop and educate a diverse body of students and trainees who are talented, share the values of our organization and will become future leaders.


  1. Augment our sustainable nurturing environment for development of our students and trainees
  2. Provide top-notch educational experiences for students, residents, post-doctoral scholars and post-graduates in order to prepare graduates to define the future of health and health care across missions.

Strategy 5.4: Outstanding Performance: Recognize and reward people who responsibly push boundaries through creativity, passion, risk-taking and achievement.


  1. Build into Academic Personnel's online system the ability to identify outstanding faculty within fields of performance (crosswalks and monitored by Strategy 5.1)
  2. Develop and implement mechanisms for staff by which accountability, collaboration and performance are recognized and rewarded (crosswalks and monitored by Strategy 5.1)
  3. Identify existing tools for faculty and staff engagement through which innovation and risk-taking can be responsibly evaluated and thus cultivated in the organization (crosswalks and monitored by Strategy 5.1) 

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