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Referring Physicians

Referring Physicians

PhysicianConnect Customer Service

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Referral assistance

For immediate referral assistance, please contact:

Physician Referral Center 
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
1 (800) 4-UCDAVIS  
or 1 (800) 482-3284

New patient access request

For access to a new patient you may send us an inbasket message through PhysicianConnect,
email us or fax the request to us. We process STAT access requests within 30 minutes during
business hours.

If you choose the email or paper method, send a fax on official letterhead, including the office name,
address, and phone number to or fax 916) 734-2126 with the following details :

Patient information:
Date of Birth
UC Davis MRN # (if available)
PhysicianConnect Stat Access statement in subject line:  “This is a STAT Access request
for PhysicianConnect”
Reason for access/request

Technical support

For quick answers to frequently asked questions you may visit the FAQ page or log in

to PhysicianConnect to view the user handbook and online training. 

For help with reporting system errors, password reset, and

scheduling one-on-one training or other issues, please call

Technical Support: (916) 734-4357