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Department of Radiation Oncology

Department of Radiation Oncology

Head and Neck Cancer

Tumors involving the head and neck represent a therapeutic challenge due to their proximity to critical organs such as the brain, spinal cord, eyes, ears, and salivary glands, as well as their tendency to present at locally advanced stages. 

The UC Davis Department of Radiation Oncology takes a multi-disciplinary team approach with multiple experts and dedicated nursing support when treating cancers of the head and neck. While radiation therapy may be used in conjunction with surgery and/or chemotherapy, it is often the primary treatment since it helps preserve nearby tissues critical for speech, swallowing and appearance. 

Dedicated to the long-term, best outcome for head-and-neck cancer patients, UC Davis also has an active program to treat second-course cancers that come back after the initial therapy. The team of experts at UC Davis has published extensively on their experiences using advanced technologies, including intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) when treating cancers of the head and neck. In the hands of our skilled practitioners, these technologies have the ability to deliver radiation with pinpoint precision and accuracy to ensure treatment success.

The following UC Davis Radiation Oncologists specialize in treatment of these cancers: