Wei Yao, Ph.D.

Wei Yao, Ph.D.


Metabolic Bone Disease


  • Associate Professor


General Medicine


M.D., Xianya Medical University, ChangSha, China 1992

Bone Biology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City UT 1997-2000

Ph.D., Internal Medicine, XianYa Medical University, ChangSha, China 1996


Internal Medicine, Beihai, Baihai, China

Professional Memberships

American College of Rheumatology

American Society for Bone and Mineral Research

International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Society

International Society for Stem Cell Research

International Society of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions

Orthopaedic Research Society

Honors and Awards

Dean’s Team Award, Excellency in Research, UC Davis, School of Medicine, 2013

UC Davis Academic Federal Excellency in Research Award, 2012

Mentor Award, Internal Medicine, UC Davis Medical Center, 2011

Select Recent Publications

Jia JJ, Yao W (co-first author), Amugongo S, Lay YA, Shahnazari M, Cheng ZQ, Olvera D, Ritchie RO, Addition T, Lane NE Prolonged bisphosphonate treatments had negative effects on cortical bone strength through the involvement of TGF-β1 signaling Bone. 2013;52(1):424-32.

Yao W *, WW Dai, EYA Lay, L Jiang, N Dave, RO Ritchie, XD Li, HZ Ke, NE Lane Effects of Sclerostin antibody on osteoblast and osteocyte viability/autophagy in mouse model of glucocorticoid-induced bone loss.  Osteoporosis International. 2016;27:283-294.

Yao W and Lane NE Targeted delivery of mesenchymal stem cells to bone. Bone. 2015;70:62-65.

Dai WW, EYA Lay, L Jiang, M Goldspring, S Amugongo, GQ Jin, N Dave, RO Ritchie, Yao W *. Beta-ecdysone prevents glucocorticoid-inhibitions on bone formation and bone strength. Bone. 2015;74:48-57.

Dai WW, EYA  Lay, Gq Jin, QJ Xing, L Jiang, HL Chen, RO. Ritchie, NE. Lane, Yao W*  Sexual Difference In Peak Bone Mass Regulation: Potential Treatment Option. Clinical Orthopedic Related Research. 2015;473:2495-2504.

Amugongo SK, Yao, W, Jia JJ, Dai WW, Lay YE, Jiang L, Li CH,  Olvera D, Zimmermann ZA, Ritchie RO, Lane NE Effect of cyclical treatments With Alendronate, PTH and Raloxifene on cortical bone mass and strength. Bone. 2014;67:257-268.

Yao W*, Guan M, Jia JJ, LYa YA, Liu RW, Lam Kit, Nolta J, Olvera D, Ritchie RO, Lane NE. Reversal of bone loss induced by estrogen deficiency or aging by guiding the mesenchymal stem cells to bone. Stem Cell. 2013;31:2004-2013.

Guan M, Yao W (co-first author, corresponding author), Liu RW, Jia JJ, Lam Kit, Nolta, Zhou P, Weng LP,  Shahnazari M, Panganiban B, Ritchie RO, Lane NE.  Directing mesenchymal stem cells to bone to increase bone formation. Nature Medicine. 2012;18:456–462.

Zhong ZD, Cassandra R. Zylstra-Diegel, Baker JJ, Carpenter AC, Rao S, Yao W, Guan M, Helms JA, Lane NE, Lang RA, and Williams BO. Wntless/Gpr177 Functions in Mature Osteoblasts to Regulate Bone Mass. PNAS. 2012;109(33):E2197-204.

Collette MN, Genetos D, Economides AN, Xie LQ, Yao W, Lane NE, Richard M. Harland RM, Loots GG. Targeted deletion of Sost Distal enhancer increases bone Formation and bone Mass. PNAS. 2012;109(35):14092-7.