NEWS | June 19, 2018

Vascular surgery residents win conference competition


A team of UC Davis vascular surgery residents won first place in a contest of skills and knowledge at the June 15 Pacific Northwest Endovascular Conference (PNEC) in Seattle. The team competed against 14 others, including groups from the University of Washington, Stanford, Harvard and an “all star” team from China.

vascular training
UC Davis participants prepare for the endovascular aortic aneurysm repair portion of the PNEC resident competition. From left to right are Joel Harding, Jeremy Bolin, Cole Nishikawa and Samantha Stradleigh.

The residency competition is one of the highlights of PNEC, a one-day conference on the latest endovascular treatments and technologies. Teams are scored based on precision, efficiency and technical abilities in a model of open vascular surgery, endovascular treatment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm using a computer-based simulator, procedure planning involving image processing and interpretation, and a timed knowledge test of vascular diseases and treatments.

David Dawson, professor of vascular surgery, has organized and trained a team of UC Davis residents for the competition every year since 2010.

“UC Davis has always attracted vascular surgery residents who are smart, motivated, engaged and hold themselves to the highest possible standards in patient care,” Dawson said. “I am delighted with this year’s first place win, and not at all surprised.”

The 2018 team was led by chief resident Samantha Stradleigh and included Jeremy Bolin, Joel Harding and Cole Nishikawa. In addition to Dawson, U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Shaun Gifford, assistant director of the UC Davis vascular surgery residency program, helped prepare the UC Davis competitors.

UC Davis Health is recognized for excellence and innovation in its physician training programs. Its integrated vascular surgery residency program combines vascular and general surgery training into one five-year program, with one military and one civilian resident accepted each year. It is the only vascular surgery residency in the U.S. open to active duty military trainees. More information is available online.

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