Revised June 2014

Principal Investigator & Source

Title Total Award
Leonard Abbeduto, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health Social-Affective Bases of Word Learning in Fragile X Syndrome and Autism $706,275
National Institutes of Health Expressive Language Sampling as an Outcome Measure $682,562
 National Institutes of Health Interdisciplinary Training Conference in Developmental Disabilities $65,000
 National Institutes of Health MIND Institute Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center  $6,337,907
 National Institutes of Health Language Development in Fragile X Syndrome  $2,664,596
Johns Hopkins University Down Syndrome Phenotype $33,000
David Amaral, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health A Novel, Transient Inactivation Technique for Studying the Primate Social Brain $422,453
Simons Foundation Project on Scientific Transparency (Post) $156,583
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Functional Organization of the Hippocampal Formation $2,721,555
Melissa Bauman, Ph.D.  
Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Prenatal Risk Factors for Schizophrenia: An Evaluation of Brain Neuropathy in a Rhesus Monkey Model of Mature Immune Activation  $60,000
National Institutes of Health Efficacy of a Novel Neuroprotective Compound in Nonhuman Primates $431,128
Eliza Bliss-Moreau, Ph.D.    
National Institutes of Health Neural Networks Supporting Social and Emotional Behavior


Cameron Carter, M.D.  
National Institutes of Health Pathophysiology of Cognitive Disability in Schizophrenia $2,513,260
National Institutes of Health 2/5-Cognitive Neuroscience Task Reliability & Clinical Application Consortium $1,325,234
National Institutes of Health  Cognitive Control and Language Impairments in Schizophrenia $423,500
Jacqueline Crawley, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health Novel Anticonvulsant Neuroprotective Therapies for TETS and OP Intoxication $98,908
National Institutes of Health Convergent Synaptic Mechanisms in Neurodevelopmental Disorders  $2,800,372
Autism Speaks Preclinical Autism Therapeutics Consortium for Therapeutics (PACT) $791,464
University of Toronto/Simons Foundation Research Initiative Characterization of brain and behavior in 7q11.23 duplication syndrome $285,092
Stanford University/Simons Foundation Yr 2 16p11.2 Deletion Mice: Autism-Relevant Phenotypes and treatment Discovery  $600,000
Catherine Fassbender, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health Identifying Cognitive and Neural Risk Factors for Substance Dependence in ADHD $230,688
Irwin Feinberg, M.D.  
National Institutes of Health Longitudinal Measurements of Sleep EEG in Adolescents $2,310,145
David Hessl, Ph.D.  
Merck Foundation  Cognitive Training for Fragile X Syndrome $1,000,000
Fragile X Foundation Fragile X Clinical and Research Cooperative Consortium Registry and Repository $42,010
National Institutes of Health Trajectories and Markers of Neurodegeneration in Fragile X Premutation Carriers $2,970,846
W. Ladson Hinton, M.D.  
National Institutes of Health Center to Advance Cognitive Health and Healthcare in Older Latinos  $2,508,048
National Institutes of Health A Family-based Primary Care Intervention to Enhance Older Men's Depression Care $725,058
Archstone Foundation Depression in Late Life - consult application $79.003
Robert Horst, M.D.  
Klingenstein Foundation Fellowship Program in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at UC Davis $12,000
Ryan Johnson, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health Amygdala Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorder $102,514
Tara Niendam, Ph.D.  
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Beacon of Health: Using mobile technology to detect early warning signs of mental health challenges and enhance treatment delivery for youth $588,619
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation  Dynamic Longitudinal Developmental Trajectories as Predictors of Outcome in Early Psychosis $59.680
National Institutes of Health  Cognitive Neuroscience of the Psychosis Prodrome $784,439
Stephen Noctor, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health Microglia regulate development of the cerebral cortex $1,834,517
Sally Ozonoff, Ph.D.  
University of Alberta and Autism Speaks Genomic Influences on Developmental Course and Outcomes in Infants at Risk of ASD:  A BSRC Study $18,739 $18,739
National Institutes of Health Development of a Prospective Video-based Measure to identify ASD Risk in Infancy $2,199,612
National Institutes of Health Infants at Risk of Autism: A Longitudinal Study $3,396,851
Autism Speaks BSRC - A Centralized Repository of Data $4,000
Autism Speaks Development of a Prospective Video-based Measure to Identify ASD Risk in Infancy $450,000
J. Daniel Ragland, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health Brain Mechanisms of Impaired Episodic Memory in Schizophrenia $1,381,875
Sally Rogers, Ph.D.  
Autism Speaks  Strengthening the Effects of Parent-Implemented Early Intervention to Improve Symptoms of ASD  $767,136
University of North Carolina and
Institute of Education Sciences
Center on Secondary Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (CSESA) $522,068
National Institutes of Health  Interdisciplinary Training for Autism Researchers  $1,813,241
National Institutes of Health  Intervention effects of intensity and delivery style for toddlers with ASD $13,411,464
Ruth Salo, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health Neural and Cognitive Correlative of Methamphetamine Use in Schizophrenia $1,153,417
Cynthia Schumann, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health  Typical and Pathological Cellular Development of the Human Amygdala  $1,923,750
Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D.  
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group and Covance  A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Fixed Dose Once-weekly Oral Aripiprazole in Children and Adolescents with Tourette's Disorder $90,333
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group and Covance An Open-Label, Multicenter Study Evaluating the Safety and Tolerability of Once-weekly Oral Aripiprazole in Children and Adolescents with Tourette's Disorder $104,233
National Institutes of Health Developmental Changes in Neural Processes Underlying Impulsivity and ADHD $3,098,677
Shire Pharamaceuticals Effects of Lisdexamfetamine on Cognitive Control and Reward Response in Adolescents and Young Adults with ADHD: Neural and Clinical Outcomes  $287,535
 U.S. Department of Defense Identifying Markers for Treatment Response to Cognitive Training in Autism Spectrum Disorders  $154,000
Tony Simon, Ph.D.  
University of Pennsylvania & National Institutes of Health 1/5 International Consortium on Brain and Behavior in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome  $190,515
 National Institutes of Health Visuospatial Cognitive Deficit in Del22q11.3 Syndrome $3,255,617
 National Institutes of Health Visuospatial Cognitive Deficit in Del22q11.2 Syndrome $57,399
Marjorie Solomon-Friedman, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health The Neural Substrates of Higher-Level Learning in Autism $414,260
Christine Wu Nordahl, Ph.D.  
National Institutes of Health Analyses of Brain Structure and Connectivity in Young Children with Autism  $730,462
Peter Yellowlees, M.D.  
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality A Controlled Trial of Patient-centered Telepsychiatry Interventions   $2,452,907
Gregory Young, Ph.D.  
Autism Speaks  A Centralized Standard Database for the Baby Siblings Research Consortium $246,245