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Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Department of Radiology


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins is offering a 20 percent discount for attendees of the 2016 Physics of Diagnostic Radiology Review Course. The book can be purchased at:


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This offer expires December 31, 2015 and is available only from the publisher.

The 3rd Edition of the Essential Physics of Medical Imaging by: Jerrold T. Bushberg, Ph.D., J. Anthony Seibert, Ph.D., Edwin M. Leidholdt, Jr., Ph.D., and John M. Boone, Ph.D., is now in print. It can be purchased through Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins Web site at http://www.lww.com and through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com. Search under "Bushberg" to locate this item online.

Contents of this book

Book Description - Third, North American Edition
This renowned work is derived from the authors' acclaimed national review course (“Physics of Medical Imaging") at the University of California-Davis for radiology residents. The text is a guide to the fundamental principles of medical imaging  physics, radiation protection and radiation biology, with complex topics presented in the clear and concise manner and style for which these authors are known. Coverage includes the production, characteristics and interactions of ionizing radiation used in medical imaging and the imaging modalities in which they are used, including radiography, mammography, fluoroscopy, computed tomography and nuclear medicine.  Special attention is paid to optimizing patient dose in each of these modalities. Sections of the book address topics common to all forms of diagnostic imaging, including image quality and medical informatics as well as the non-ionizing medical imaging modalities of MRI and ultrasound.

The basic science important to nuclear imaging, including the nature and production of radioactivity, internal dosimetry and radiation detection and measurement, are presented clearly and concisely. Current concepts in the fields of radiation biology and radiation protection relevant to medical imaging, and a number of helpful appendices complete this comprehensive textbook. The text is enhanced by numerous full color charts, tables, images and superb illustrations that reinforce central concepts. The book is ideal for medical imaging professionals, and  teachers and students in medical physics and biomedical engineering. Radiology residents will find this text especially useful in bolstering their understanding of imaging physics and related topics.

This textbook, which was developed from the material presented in the course, has received excellent reviews:

Reader Review from Amazon.com: January 17, 2012
By Madison, WI
"This review is from: The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging, Third Edition (Hardcover).  After reading several chapters of this new edition, I am compelled by my excitement about it to write this review here. The 3rd Edition of "Bushberg" is not just a newer version of the already-classic textbook; it is entirely a new book. Its contents are largely rewritten, with vivid illustrations added for almost every concept mentioned in the text. For example, the chapter of Computed Tomography (Chapter 10) now contains 72 figures, without even counting figure subsets; that is more than one figure per page. Everything is illustrated.

The reorganization of content and addition of numerous colorful figures have fundamentally improved this book, and may set a new standard for future medical physics textbooks. Now those physics concepts in medical imaging are much easier to understand. After reading the institutional copy in preparation for teaching a class, I decided to order a copy for myself to replace my old edition (and come here to tell everybody about it). In my opinion, the 3rd Edition of this book will set a high standard for future medical physics textbooks."

The discounted purchase of the textbook is offered for your convenience only and is not required for the physics review course.