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Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Comments From Attendees:

"This excellent course helped me to easily pass and helped me reach one of the top percentiles! Davis, CA is a great place for this course!" — Edward Green, M.D. (Memphis Baptist Hospital)

"Course and syllabus were very helpful; organized material into managable blocks. Thank you." — Steven Wagers, M.D. (Madigan Army Medical Center)

"Very pleased with content of the course and syllabus which is all I really needed to pass the physics section." — John L. Weske, M.D. (David Grant Medical Center - Travis AFB

"The UC Davis Physics Review course is a comprehensive review of Radiologic Physics. It is presented in an easy-to-understand and interpretable fashion and allowed me to score over the 90th percentile. The faculty were all versed, personable and easy to understand. The program is targeted specifically at the ABR physics examination and places a balanced emphasis on problem solving and didactic information. Without this course, physics would have never clicked with me." — Robert L. Cirillo, Jr. M.D. (University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY)

"Your course made it relatively easy for me to organize my time so that I could take both the physics and the clinical exams the same year. All four instructors did a great job teaching and being available for questions." — Norbert Burzynski, M.D. (University of Vermont)

"If I am to give advice to people studying for the physics portion, I would again recommend your course but not so much for the quantitative aspect as much as for an understanding of basic principles. I did not memorize a single equation for the exam and I still passed because your course helped me understand the principles that I had struggled with for years." — Debra B. Kessler, M.D. (Overlook Hospital, NJ)

"Well organized and informative course. Would recommend this review course to others about to take the physics exam!" — Jane A. Lee, M.D. (George Washington University Medical Center)

"A true tour de force; they will sell you the whole seat, but you will only need the edge! Seriously, though, an excellent preparation for the exam; a reminder that physics is phun." — Jacek Strzelczk, M.D. (University of Manitoba)

"I read through the text once and went through the UC Davis Review notes and questions once. I went to Disney World one week before the exam, and I was confident I would pass." — Clifford Howard, M.D. (Wake Forest University)

"Your course was invaluable, not only for passing the exam but for understanding and actually inspiring interest in the material." — Rachel Gerson, M.D. (University of Vermont)

"All of the information needed to pass the test is in the notes. The questions helped synthesize the material in my mind toward the end of studying." — Bart Rowlett, M.D. (Intergris Baptist — Oklahoma City)

"I would recommend this course strongly. Not only is it good to pass the ABR Physics exam, it really helps to understand various things that we do in our practice on a daily basis. Excellent teachers who give more than 100%." — Manohar Shroff, M.D. (Hospital for Sick Children)

"Definitely felt the course helped. Having the reading materials and questions was a great resource." — Rachel Booth, M.D. (Naval Medical Center, San Diego)